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5 Things That Make it a “Yachting” Experience

May 3rd, 2016 by Jennifer Nguyen

What makes a SeaDream Yacht Club experience so uniquely different from big cruise vacations?

1. Open deck plans and teak decks

As you take the first steps on board, you can tell the atmosphere is just different. Greeted by a warm welcome from the captain, you can be certain that SeaDream is simply, not a cruise. There’s something quite liberating as you explore SeaDream I and identical twin SeaDream II with their open deck plans and teak outdoor decks. The fresh sea air and calm breezes can even be enjoyed at a romantic dinner onboard. Just one look at one of our yachts in port and you can identify just how unique SeaDream truly is. These sisters truly are mega yachts in a marina full of oversized cruise ships.

Welcome Aboard SeaDeam Yacht Club

2. Balinese Dream Beds.
Lounging at it’s finest, our Balinese Dream Beds make the yachting experience even more distinctive. You can enjoy unobstructed views as you watch the ever-changing backdrops of the beautiful Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas pass by. You can even sleep underneath a sea of stars on these beds, or treat yourself to an oversized bed at the front of the yacht. It’s romantic, relaxing and rewardingly peaceful.

Balinese Dream Beds

3. Intimate ports and overnights
Another perk of yachting? You can travel to where larger ships and cruises can’t go. With SeaDream, you can enjoy the little luxuries of the harder to reach ports and harbors. The Corinth Canal passage is breathtaking. The overnights in ports like St. Barts and St Tropez allows for more adventure, and more opportunities to create memories that last a lifetime. Share these unique SeaDream moments with the friends you make onboard. We’re all “yachting, not cruising” and that’s a great thing to have in common.

Corinth Canal

4. Water Sports Marina
Head down to the water sports marina and you’ll find easily accessible water toys from wave runners to paddle boards. Our trained activities staff make it effortless to hop on a jet ski or a banana boat right off the back of the yacht, and the ease makes the experience so much more enjoyable.

SeaDream Wave Runners

5. Award-Winning Personalized Service
The simplest difference that makes SeaDream a yachting experience is why our guests come back over and over again. It’s for the award-winning service. With an exceptional crew of 95 to just 112 guests, each individual will feel as if they are on their very own private yacht. Our exceptional shore side staff and onboard crew pay close attention to the smallest of details to ensure a true SeaDream Yacht Club experience to each of our guests. They remember your food preferences. They’ll go out of their way to meet your simplest of needs. They remember your name. You won’t be able to find service like this on a cruise.

Celebrate with SeaDream!

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Bon Voyage to 2015-2016 Caribbean Season!

April 18th, 2016 by Jennifer Nguyen

The sparkling turquoise seas of the tropical Caribbean brought many a “SeaDream” to life this 2015-2016 season.. From November – April, well-known destinations in the Caribbean were visited and idyllic islands were explored. Voyages took our guests to the British and US Virgin Islands, St. Barts and to the endlessly colorful backdrop of the French West Indies and the Grenadines.

Virgin Gorda @AndreasRiegal via Twitter

As SeaDream II makes her way to meet her sister in the Mediterranean, we look back through some memorable moments shared by fellowSeaDreamers.

With no surprise, our signature Champagne & Caviar Splash Party™ made it at the top of the list. Who doesn’t love to be served caviar and champagne in crystal-clear waters by an award-winning crew?

Champagne & Caviar Splash Party™

The overnights in St. Barts allowed our guests to enjoy the chic French Island in true yachting fashion. Guests visited favorite hotspots including the famous Nikki Beach, where celebrities have been known to mingle from time to time.

Nikki Beach in St. Barts by via Instagram

Whether our guests were on a romantic getaway, celebrating a special milestone or just wanted a relaxing vacation, we were there to deliver the best service possible at sea to ensure a luxurious yachting experience for everyone. Did you too sail with us this Caribbean season? Share your favorite memory with us; we’d love to hear about them! via Instagram

@JimByersTravel via Twitter

#Sundown in the #Caribbeansea on #Seadream by @hannes_tschemernjak via Instagram.

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Yachting the Italian & French Riviera

March 29th, 2016 by Jennifer Nguyen

“Imagination rules the world.” – Napolean Bonaporte

Imagine setting sail on a weeklong voyage along the Italian and French Riviera, indulging in expertly crafted cuisine and enjoying some of the most personal service at sea. Ever-changing backdrops starring some of the most beautiful ports in the Mediterranean will make anyone feel like they are on top of the world. There’s no need for imagination; this is what SeaDream brings to reality.

This picturesque journey, embarking in  Civitavecchia (Rome) visits famed cities like Pompeii (Sorrento), Capri and Bonifacio.

Amidst mountainous terrain and enchanting bays, Corsica was also the home of Napoleon Bonaporte whose fierce independence shares a likeness with the fiery island. SeaDream’s overnight stay on this French island allows guests to enjoy a longer and more meaningful time to explore the stylish coastal towns and breathtaking valleys Corsica has to offer.


France___Saint Tropez

After departure from the Corsican region, the next stop is to a most famous resort town on French Riviera. Welcome to St. Tropez; a playground for fashion models, athletes, movie stars and other jet-setting celebrities. And if guests haven’t had enough of the glitz and glamour in St. Tropez, wrapping up the week in Cannes is the perfect way to complete this dream-come-true vacation. Make sure to walk the red carpet!

October is a wonderful time to take this journey, as the usually crammed beaches and restaurant crowds begin to disappear and the locals begin to relax. It’s a great time to truly enjoy the Mediterranean and the “yachting, not cruising” lifestyle.  Find out more on how you can start living this #SeaDream by contacting your travel professional.

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Love Notes from the Sea

February 11th, 2016 by Jennifer Nguyen

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, we’re inspired by the love and wonders of the sea. There is nothing more beautiful than the mysterious ocean and its parallels to love and life. The turquoise, serene waters that soothe our minds is the same body of water that can turn dark and unpredictable—and yet we love her still for everything she has to offer; she nurtures us, provides us with food and heals our souls. As Isak Dinesen put it, “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”

The ocean is an everyday reminder to appreciate our lives and our loved ones, even when paradise doesn’t seem so blissful. Sometimes, you just have to go with the waves.

To celebrate one of the most romantic days of the year, we want to share some more memorable quotes as we admire the beauty of the open waters.

“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.” Wyland

“If my love were an ocean, there would be no more land” Jay Asher

“As the ocean is never full of water, so is the heart never full of love.” Unknown

“A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.” Honore de Balzac

Whether it’s love in the air or that cool breeze right before a storm, let the ocean be a reminder of the natural ebb and flow of life. Reflect in the romance the sea holds within her waters, which is always just a SeaDream away. ⚓️


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Announcing 2017 Reservations

January 27th, 2016 by Jennifer Nguyen

Don’t stop SeaDreaming, reservations are now open for 2017! It’s a sailing season to make you wonder if you really are on cloud 9, with voyages to some of the world’s most sought-out destinations. Whether you’re dreaming of island hopping in the Caribbean or relaxing along the Mediterranean, you can start planning your next escape to make your luxurious vacation dreams come true.

“The 2017 season exemplifies the true yachting experience as our mega-yachts call on small Caribbean destinations of Jost van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands and sophisticated secluded European locales including Paros in the Greek Isles. Each itinerary visits multiple ports away from larger vessels where SeaDream guests can explore ashore with no lines and return to their yacht for award-winning personalized service.” –Bob Lepisto, SeaDream Yacht Club President 

Sail away to secluded ports including Saba, Culebrita and Vieques, Puerto Rico, a pleasant refresh to some of the traditionally frequented islands by other cruise travelers. Other Caribbean destinations include St. Barts, Barbados, the French West Indies, the Grenadines and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Easily accessible embarkation and debarkation ports such San Juan, Puerto Rico and Bridgetown, Barbados ensure plenty of flight options to rendezvous with SeaDream I and SeaDream II.

Saba, a Caribbean island in the Lesser Antilles chain, a special municipality of the Netherlands.


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Unique Sail into Ancient Greece & Albania

November 10th, 2015 by Adrienne d'Annunzio

SeaDream’s 2016 Unique Sail into Ancient Greece & Albania

Hydra, Greece
Hydra, Greece

Spend a whole 9-days indulging the luxury lifestyle of mega yacht SeaDream II in June of 2016. Embrace a half-dozen Greek ports and islands renowned for their archaeological treasures including sites for some of the earliest Olympic Games, historic Byzantine period ruins, and tiny little-known tourist gems in the renowned Cyclades Islands.

You’ll quickly have such names rolling off your tongue as Delphi, Olympia, Sparta, ParosSifnos, Hydra… and come home boasting of transversing the 6.4km Corinth Canal begun by Emperor Nero in 67AD, but not completed until 1893.


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Voting Begins for World’s Best Awards 2016

November 4th, 2015 by Adrienne d'Annunzio

Voting begings Travel + Leisure THE WORLD’S BEST AWARDS SURVEY

The voting begins now! We’re thrilled that SeaDream Yacht Club is listed in the voting category of Cruise Lines in the Travel + Leisure 2016 World’s Best Awards survey! We would very much appreciate your help in achieving the recognition that comes with this prestigious award. If you have a minute, please click on the link below to vote for your favorite cruise line.



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Wine Voyages Enhance both your Culinary and Yachting Experience

October 28th, 2015 by Adrienne d'Annunzio


Dining Salon
Dining Salon aboard SDI & SDII

“Continuing our commitment to award-winning culinary experiences, guests onboard these itineraries will enjoy a selection of the world’s most well-known wineries, exclusive and rare wine tastings, excellent cuisine and wine pairings at the popular Winemaker’s Dinner, in which a local grower or winery shares treasures from their own cellars.  Each voyage will offer heightened experiences for beginners and veteran oenophiles”.

Wine Director, Ida Dønheim
– Ida Elisabeth Dønheim, SeaDream Yacht Club Wine Director

SeaDream’s 2016 Wine Voyages are designed to enhance both your culinary and yachting experience. Explore with us, the flavors and history from some of the worlds most renowned wineries, as well as several less familiar, but equally notable vineyards.



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Eight Wine Voyages offered in Mediterranean for 2016

October 15th, 2015 by Adrienne d'Annunzio

SeaDream Yacht Club Announces New 2016 Wine Voyages

–Eight Wine Voyages offered in Mediterranean for 2016–

Wine Director, Ida Dønheim

SeaDream Yacht Club announces eight Wine Voyages designed by new Wine Director Ida Dønheim taking place from May 7 through November 5, 2016. Continuing its commitment to award-winning culinary experiences, guests onboard these itineraries will enjoy a selection of the world’s most well-known wineries, exclusive and rare wine tastings, excellent cuisine and wine pairings at the popular Winemaker’s Dinner, in which a local grower or winery shares treasures from their own cellars.

“As SeaDream continues to set the yachting vacation standard, most recently recognized as the ‘Best Niche Cruise Line’ by the experts at Virtuoso, our team understands the importance of always innovating the guest experience,” shares SeaDream Yacht Club President Bob Lepisto. “Ida’s attention to detail in every aspect of the new Wine Voyages ensures the ultimate wine experience at sea and ashore pairing our outstanding culinary team’s service with the most scenic backdrops in the world.”


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Handmade Paper Fit For a Pope

October 9th, 2015 by Adrienne d'Annunzio


Personalise your paper with a unique seal or a genuine quill pen
Personalise your paper with a unique seal or a genuine quill pen

HOW long will it be before our descendants stop writing letters?

We all know that video killed the radio star. And now the Internet is killing off the time-honoured art of letter-writing. Those sheets of paper on which Great Aunt Daisy wrote gentle, moving words to her sweetheart a century ago will soon only be seen in museums. Future generations will gaze in wonderment at superbly-crafted sentences in copper-plate handwriting made with a pen and ink on ornate single sheets of writing paper. And they will wish they could reproduce such poignant memories themselves. But all they will know how to do is to use an ever-changing form of digital shorthand on mobile phones and personal computers.

That’s why this journalist has gone to the trouble of having his mother’s first letter to her future husband framed to protect it. It was written in 1928 when she was 15 and Dad but a year older. Writing was one of her passions with pen friends scattered all around the world.

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Guest Lecturers Sailing SeaDream II, Lisbon to San Juan

September 23rd, 2015 by Adrienne d'Annunzio

Guest Lecturers set to sail SeaDream II from Lisbon to San Juan, this Nov. 1


Sunrise at Sea

Join us on this tranquil voyage that offers long, serene days at sea, superb cuisine and service, evenings of good conversation with new friends, and the opportunity to enhance your knowledge by attending the exciting talks hosted by Dr. Rebecca Knuth & Professor Judith Fordham.


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Guest Lecturers aboard our SDI Fall 2015 Crossing

September 23rd, 2015 by Adrienne d'Annunzio

Guest Lecturers aboard our SDI Fall 2015 Crossing

Library relaxing
Library relaxing

This November 1-14, SeaDream I –  sails from Malaga, Spain toBridgetown, Barbados with two engaging guest lecturers joining us.

Join us on this tranquil voyage that offers long, serene days at sea, superb cuisine and service, evenings of good conversation with new friends, and the opportunity to enhance your knowledge by attending the exciting talks hosted by Garry Wykes and Dr. Snedcof.

Mr. Garry Wykes has lived in London for over 20 years. Following a career in pharmaceuticals and research and subsequent political career as a town Council Authority, he spent 12 years on staff at the Tower of London as the Jewel House Warden, VIP docent, and board secretary overseeing all VIP guests, tours and philanthropic events.

Now retired, Garry continues to share his expertise on the monarchy and coronations, Crown Jewels, and the history of the Tower of London both in Europe and abroad.


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SeaDream I Employee of the Month for August

August 28th, 2015 by Adrienne d'Annunzio

Congratulations to Motorman, Mathias Projo

SD1 Employee of the month August 2015- Center: Mathias Projo

Captain Bjarne Smorawski awarded Motorman, Mathias Projo Employee of the Month for August.

Mathias Projo is the assigned incinerator operator and Captain Bjarne Smorawski  says “he does an outstanding job in performing his duty, and making sure tidiness in the area is maintained.”

It is also noted, he went above and beyond, extending his working hours to make sure that no burnable items were left during his watch. It is the behind scenes crew like him, that lend a great hand to the entire SeaDream team. There are many hands involved when it comes to making our guests comfortable and safe. Much of the work being done is not glamorous, much of these jobs go unseen by our guests, but are no less important. We say thank you to Matias!

For details about SeaDream, visit


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In 1492 … Colón sailed the ocean blue

August 3rd, 2015 by Adrienne d'Annunzio

In 1492 … Colón sailed the ocean blue

SeaDream II sails into Cartagena harbour.
SeaDream II sails into Cartagena harbor.

You would be hard-pressed to find a port in Spain that doesn’t boast a giant statue of Cristóbal Colón.

We can see the look of bewilderment that has already crept across your face. Cristóbal Colón? Who is he and why would he be so revered by the Spanish. The answer is simple. He is the famous explorer we know by his Italian name of Christopher Columbus. Remember the ditty from our schooldays? “In 1492 … Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”

In the first week of August we celebrated the anniversary of his setting sail on the first of his four voyages to ‘discover’ America. And, as happens each year, all those Spanish ports along the Atlantic and the Mediterranean use the day as excuse to party on long into the night, whether or not he had anything to do with the town or city in question.

Colón was a Genoese sailor of Spanish-Jewish extraction and is credited with driving a hard bargain to finance his adventures. For eight years he had been trying to persuade his patrons, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, to come to his aid. He wanted a knighthood, the hereditary ranks of Grand Admiral and Viceroy, and 10 percent of all income raised by the admiralty. It was a tidy sum as Spain had one of the greatest navies in the world and would regularly plunder foreign ports and ships of other nations.

At first Colón received a curt: “No!” But then the monarchs relented and he sailed off from the Atlantic port of Palos de la Frontera on August 3, 1492. He was actually looking for a new route to India – but central America got in his way and he found even greater riches that had envisaged.


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Proud of our Many Awards & Accolades

July 21st, 2015 by Adrienne d'Annunzio

SeaDream Yacht Club Award, Honors & Accolades

Since its founding late in 2001, SeaDream Yacht Club, with its elegant twin mega yacht cruisers SeaDream I and SeaDream II, has received numerous awards, honors and accolades from authoritative travel publications, industry organizations and unsolicited guest comments. These welcome expressions of SeaDream’s excellence have not only conveyed the messages of “World’s Best” and “Best of Class,” but have validated the unique nature of the SeaDream voyage; one which is intimate and casually elegant, reflecting SeaDream’s mantra “It’s yachting, not cruising.”


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Mediterranean; East, North and West

July 14th, 2015 by Adrienne d'Annunzio

SeaDream Yachting a Vast Arc of Mediterranean’s East, North and West

SeaDream Yacht Club sails a 9-day voyage this October 23, tracking a vast arc of the Mediterranean coast from Rome’s port of Civitavecchia in the east, the Italian Riviera’s Portofino in the country’s north, Monte Carlo and St Tropez in the Mediterranean’s north-west – with an overnight in St Tropez – then Barcelona and Valencia in the west, and finally Malaga on Spain’s Costa del Sol.


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SDI Employee of The Month for June 2015

July 8th, 2015 by Adrienne d'Annunzio

Congratulations to SeaDream I Casino Manager, Loredana Ionica

Named SDI Employee of the Month for June 2015

Employee of the Month (Center): Loredana Ionica
Center: Loredana Ionica

Please join us in recognizing and congratulating Loredana Ionica, selected as June 2015 Employee of the Month for SeaDream I . There are many characteristics that identify excellent employees. SeaDream Yacht Club appreciates her dedication, caring, commitment and integrity.

It’s crew like Loredana that make our guest’s holiday that much more memorable. It’s a pleasure to see her smiling face at the casino table and around the yacht.

For details about SeaDream visit

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Support Raising the Literacy Levels of Caribbean Children

May 18th, 2015 by Adrienne d'Annunzio

SeaDream Supports Raising the Literacy Levels of Caribbean Children

Bense Primary School, Dominica
Bense Primary School, Dominica

During the relaxing transatlantic crossings, we do aim to get a little exercise in. Guests get together with crew and walk laps around Deck 6. 16 laps equals 1 mile. Nothing like a brisk walk and the fresh ocean air to get your blood pumping. It’s one way to burn off the heavenly chocolate croissants from breakfast. To make the walk a bit more meaningful, SeaDream selects a charity to walk for. Guests and crew are encouraged to donate money per each mile walked, and SeaDream matches their donation.

The most recent crossings, sailing from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, guests and crew walked for the charity; “Hands Across the Sea”. Since SeaDream sails the Caribbean every winter, it’s great to give back to the islands we visit. In total, SeaDream donated US$1,300 from the spring crossings plus $1,246 from the fall 2014 crossings, to “Hands Across the Sea”. We thank everyone who participated.


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5 Overnight Stays in Ports on SeaDream’s Ten Days Rome to Venice

May 13th, 2015 by Adrienne d'Annunzio

Five Overnight Stays in Ports on SeaDream’s Ten Days Rome to Venice

SeaDream in Kotor, Montenegro
SeaDream in Kotor, Montenegro

If 2016 is to be your Special Year, and the Mediterranean your dream of where it’s to be, let SeaDream Yacht Club make it all the more so with a 10-day sailing aboard SeaDream II from Rome to Venice – uniquely with (5) overnight stays in ports in Italy, Montenegro and Croatia.

SeaDream features an elegantly casual lifestyle. Although it is 5-star, there’s no call for jackets, ties or formal wear.


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Aussies Taking to SeaDreaming Like Never Before

April 16th, 2015 by Adrienne d'Annunzio

Aussies Taking to SeaDreaming Like Never Before

Dining Salon

AUSTRALIANS have taken with such a passion to the concept of “elegantly casual” small-ship luxury holidaying, that it’s put Australians amongst the forefront of guest growth aboard the world’s highest-rated boutique operator, SeaDream Yacht Club.

And so much so that company President, Bob Lepisto says Australia is now one of the leading markets globally in guest growth aboard its SeaDream I and SeaDream II in the Mediterranean during the Northern Summer, with over 10% of guests sailing that region now coming from Australia… and with sales in Australia for 2015 already up an amazing 13% on the same four months of last year.


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