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Guest Lecturers sailing SeaDream II, Lisbon to San Juan

September 23, 2015 by adannunzio

Guest Lecturers set to sail SeaDream II from Lisbon to San Juan, this Nov. 1

Join us on this tranquil voyage that offers long, serene days at sea, superb cuisine and service, evenings of good conversation with new friends, and the opportunity to enhance your knowledge by attending the exciting talks hosted by Dr. Rebecca Knuth & Professor Judith Fordham. 

Rebecca Knuth   Dr. Rebecca Knuth, a cultural historian, is the author of Libricide: the Regime-Sponsored Destruction of Books and Libraries in the Twentieth Century and Burning Books and Leveling Libraries: Extremist Violence and Cultural Destruction. She is a specialist in cultural destruction through war, colonialism, neglect and greed. A former University of Hawaii professor, Dr. Knuth is currently based in London, where she is writing a book on biography, censorship, and the destruction of letters, diaries and manuscripts after death.

Dr. Knuth’s lecture titles are:

  • Highgate Cemetary: London’s Quirky Angkor Wat
  • Keeping Secrets: Suppression of letters, diaries and manuscripts of the dead. Why?
  • Queen Victoria’s Life and Loves
  • Jane Austin and a Life in Place
  • Looting the World
  • The World of Agatha Christie

 Judith Fordham   Professor Judith Fordham is one of Western Australia’s best known criminal lawyers, an expert in forensic science, and an internationally known jury researcher.

Judith’s research into the “CSI effect” and jury intimidation has stirred intense media interest. As a barrister, she has been briefed on a wide range of state and commonwealth criminal cases, including trials at all levels and appeals including the High Court of Australia. Throughout her career, Judith has assisted police in the investigation and prosecution of criminal offenses. Her science training and current work gives her a special interest and expertise in forensic science.

An author of books, Judith has been the subject of multi-page feature articles in the Sunday Times, Flourish and Perth Woman magazines.

Professor Fordham’s lecture titles are:

  • Life, Law and Not Enough Shoes: Adventures of a Lady Lawyer in the World of CrimeThe Real CSI: Truth is Stranger than Fiction
  • Guilty or Not Guilty?
  • Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of the Jury Room
  • Some of My Best Friends are Murderers: Tales of Real Criminals and Their Loveable Ways