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Guest Lecturer Shares the Knowledge of NASA

September 15, 2014 by adannunzio


BONUS Evening activity, weather permitting: At Sea Under the Stars

Join Greg Redfern for a night sky viewing on a darkened deck to show guests the night sky. You will learn about the constellations and associated sky lore. 

Sail aboard SeaDream I, voyage # 11438 from Malaga, Spain to Barbados this October 25 – November 6, 2014. You’ll be entertained and educated with a special guest lecture series by guest, Greg Redfern.

Greg Redfern has been an adjunct professor/instructor of astronomy for different colleges since 1984. As a NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador since 2003, he has shared NASA’s missions to the solar system with audiences in person as well as on TV and radio in the Washington D.C. media market.  Greg’s daily astronomy blog, “Whats Up?: The Space Place”, has had tens of thousands of readers from around the world and is carried by WTTG Fox 5.

Greg has been observing and photographing the sky for over four decades and collecting meteorites for years. He’s used telescopes of all kinds and visited observatories, NASA facilities, and geological sites.  As a result, Greg has brought the wonder, beauty, and excitement of our universe to audiences for decades in a one-on-one style that resonates with his passion and knowledge.

Lecturer Titles:

So, You Want to be an Astrophotographer?

Join Greg Redfern for an engaging presentation that will show you the basics of how to photograph the sea and sky. You will be able to use this information to try your hand at taking pictures of your own during the voyage.  You will also see stunning pictures – including solar and lunar eclipses – taken by Greg at sea of the sea and sky and learn about what you are seeing.

The Sky is Falling – Space Rocks and You

Join Greg Redfern to learn about space rocks and observe real meteorites, including a piece of the Chelyabinsk meteorite that fell over Russia in February 2013 and a piece of Mars and the moon.

The Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater – The Inside Story of America’s Largest Impact Crater

Many people do not know that the USA’s largest known impact crater is under the Chesapeake Bay at Cape Charles, VA. Learn all about it from Greg Redfern’s firsthand experience with the deepest dig ever into the heart of this 57-mile wide beast.  You will see actual geological samples taken from within the crater.

The Future of US Manned Spaceflight

Discuss the story of where NASA is headed, literally, with new spacecraft and rockets to launch the next generation of American astronauts to the moon, Mars, and asteroids.

This isn’t Your Granddaddy’s Moon

We have learned a lot about our nearest neighbor in space since the Apollo missions to the moon in the 60s and 70s. Join Greg Redfern to learn the latest from the missions sent to the moon by NASA, China, and India.