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Time for Tea –

September 24, 2014 by adannunzio

SeaDream’s New Tea Service

This summer SeaDream rolled out a new tea service. We believe we now have the best tea service in the industry. Our new upgraded tea service is our standard – every time we serve tea.

A brief description of the tea service:

The tea menu offers 12 blends of SeaDream teas. These are prepared by a master tea blender in Kent, UK and were blended with the thought of SeaDream’s onboard lifestyle, age and nationality demographics, wealth of the guests, and a little bit of funk.

SeaDream’s Tea Menu

Captain’s Breakfast

A robust blend of whole-leaf tippy Indian Assam black tea and Sri Lankan Dimbula black tea for a strong and flavoursome liquor and of refreshing Ceylon orange pekoe black tea resulting in a bright and malty brew. A classic pick-me-up at any time of day.

Sea Grey

Classic Earl Grey black tea with a sophisticated twist. Ceylon Orange Pekoe scented with Bergamot oil for distinctive citrus flavour is blended with aromatic first flush Darjeeling with notes of muscatel and a splash of bright blue cornflowers. A refreshing accompaniment to breakfast or afternoon tea.

Darjeeling Dream

Pure premium first flush aromatic Indian Darjeeling prized for its grape-like or muscatel notes. Pairs perfectly with sweet and savoury light afternoon snacks.

Lapsang Souchong

This classic Chinese black tea is bursting with smoky flavour and subtle tobacco aroma. Fortifying and robust, this tea is a particular favourite with the gentlemen. A perfect match to cheese and biscuits and other strong, savoury foods.

Cool Dream

Light and refreshing Ceylon black tea is bursting with flavours of sweet mango, pineapple, smooth coconut, hibiscus, rosehip and sunflower petals, this blend is the perfect warm or iced refreshment. Simply paradise.

Sencha Green Tea

A light and delicate ‘Fukujyu’ steamed green tea from Japan. Crisp and invigorating with subtle vegetal character and sweet grassy aroma.

Honeymoon Blend White Tea

This exquisite Jasmine silver needle white tea from China, which contains only the youngest buds of the tea bush, is scented by carefully layering the tea with fresh Jasmine blossoms overnight and then painstakingly removing the Jasmine once the aroma has been absorbed. This process is repeated up to seven times. We have blended this delicate tea with exotic orange blossom for a sweet honey aroma and perfect rose buds for a touch of romance. A luxurious blend, perfect for special occasions. This is truly wonderful served iced.

Rooibos Soother

Rooibos is a South African herb which is a popular, naturally caffeine-free alternative to tea. This indulgent blend will sooth you with wave after wave of smooth, sweet vanilla flavour and a cheering splash of sunflower petals.

Morning Detox

For those who feel they have over-indulged, this soothing herbal blend will help to gently calm your stomach and cleanse your system. Cooling peppermint and spearmint are blended with herbs that are traditionally used as digestive tonics, like fennel, liquorice and milk thistle. Ginger has long been used to ease sea sickness and milk thistle is thought to support liver function.

Sweet Dream

A beautifully elegant, floral blend of relaxing chamomile, refreshing lemon verbena, luxurious rose petals and fragrant lavender with a sprinkle of passionflower for a blissful moment of tranquility. These ingredients have been especially selected to promote restful sleep and sweet dreams.

Rhubarb Ginger Rose

We have used vitamin-rich hibiscus as the base for this distinctly different herbal blend. Tangy, tart rhubarb and spicy, warming ginger are complemented by a sprinkling of sweet, fragrant rose petals resulting in a thirst-quenching taste sensation.

Red Fruit Dream

This vibrant, colourful blend is brimming with a medley of sweet summer berries. Vitamin-rich and caffeine free, kids will love this one too. A wonderful blend of hibiscus petals, apple pieces, rosehip peel, elderberries, pineapple pieces, Morello cherries, orange peel, strawberry pieces, and rose petals.


  • All tea is served in individual “Bodum” 0.5l teapots, with plunger tea diffuser.
  • When the water is poured into the teapot by the waiter, he immediately ‘starts’ the tea timer so that the correct time is indicated to the guest upon being served. When the desired time has expired, be it 3,4 or 5 minutes, the guest can depress the plunger to stop the diffusing process.
  • All tea is served with 2 homemade tea cookies which are all gluten-free, to ensure that all guests can enjoy them.

Fun fact:  Coffee consumption has dropped since we introduced our new tea service.