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April 16, 2015 by adannunzio

Dining Salon


AUSTRALIANS have taken with such a passion to the concept of “elegantly casual” small-ship luxury holidaying, that it’s put Australians amongst the forefront of guest growth aboard the world’s highest-rated boutique operator, SeaDream Yacht Club.

And so much so that company President, Bob Lepisto says Australia is now one of the leading markets globally in guest growth aboard its SeaDream I and SeaDream II in the Mediterranean during the Northern Summer, with over 10% of guests sailing that region now coming from Australia… and with sales in Australia for 2015 already up an amazing 13% on the same four months of last year.

The two SeaDream mega yachts each have just 56 staterooms for a maximum 112 guests served by 95 crew. Mr. Lepisto, who is soon visiting Australia, says one of the great attractions for Australians is SeaDream’s philosophy of “elegantly casual” that while 5-star, does not require suits, jackets, ties or ball-gowns at any time aboard.

“Since we began selling into the Australian market place 12 years ago, we’ve carried Australians in the Mediterranean, the Baltic and Northern Europe, the Caribbean, two great seasons on the Amazon and one in South-east Asia – and including five exclusive-use charters by corporates and individuals, as well as thirty-five major groups of 40 or more, and a third of whom have re-booked in subsequent years.

“Equally we’ve had individuals sail multiple times including one Sydney couple for a total to date of 157 days, another 142 days, and quite a number of guests for over 100 days. We’ve also had Australian adult families book up to 10 staterooms at a time, and couples who have enjoyed a special time renewing wedding vows aboard.

Mr. Lepisto said SeaDream’s growth in the Australian market had been driven by loyal travel agents as well as word-of-mouth by enthusiastic Club Members (past guests) to friends and relatives. “SeaDream likes having Australians onboard and they certainly seem to like us ….and I think they will also be especially interested in our upcoming new wine voyages” he said.

As well, Mr. Lepisto added, a wide diversity of small ports in the Mediterranean and Caribbean were particularly enticing to many guests because larger cruise ships simply cannot get into them. “Many have told us it’s these ports and the boutique and intimate nature of SeaDream that gets them aboard time and again.”

Also of definite appeal to Australians is SeaDream’s pricing that includes premium bar drinks and wines, a golf simulator with 30 international courses, a state-of-the-art fitness centre, mountain bikes for shore use, power and sail water-sports where permitted and crew gratuities.

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