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Five Voyages to take you from daydreaming to SeaDreaming (Tuesday)

July 24, 2012 by adannunzio

A Voyage a Day to Keep the Tedium Away

This week we will post “a voyage a day” to brighten your work week. To give you inspiration… to add a bit of excitement to your daily routine… A splash of Champagne and a bite of caviar if you will, to jazz up your thoughts for the week. Day dreaming is fun! SeaDreaming is better!

T = Tuesday   Tuesday’s voyage features the “Top of the Yacht Bar” as a highlight.  
Whether aboard SeaDream I or SeaDream II, the crowing jewel, the pièce de résistance, the place to be…is the Top of the Yacht Bar. Located on Deck 6, this open air bar provides stunning 360 degree views, calm ocean breezes, friendly bar service and music to dance the night away.

At night gaze upon the twinkling lights on a distant shore. During the day, watch the yachts sail by, be on the lookout for dolphins or simply enjoy the brilliant shades of the azure ocean.