General Donna Barbisch – Lecture Series aboard SeaDream II, Athens to Mumbai

Balinese Dream BedSail Athens to Mumbai, Oct. 12 – 27, 2013 and enjoy stimulating lectures by retired US Army major general, Donna Barbisch.

Donna Barbisch, DHA, MPH, is a dynamic role model, leader and agent for change.  She is among the foremost subject matter experts in emergency preparedness and resiliency for catastrophic disasters, terrorism, and unconventional threats.  She is a motivational speaker who guides individuals and organizations through a process of “Take Command of Your Future.”  She helps individuals effectively manage the unimaginable and transforms organizations to be prepared and more resilient in today’s emerging threat environment. 

Donna has a proven track record as a national security policy analyst, healthcare management professional, professor, and a proven leader with command and management experience.  Her background includes major successes in the private sector, US governmental organizations, and the international community.  She is an internationally acclaimed speaker who moves people to action.  Donna retired from the US Army in 2005 as a major general.

Today, Donna works nationally and internationally to improve preparedness and works with think tanks and executive boards to develop strategic solutions to complex issues.  General Barbisch has been described as a visionary with an entrepreneurial approach to emerging threats.

General Barbisch started her military career as a private first class and rose to the rank of major general over a military career spanning more than 38 years.  A life-long learner, she earned a doctorate in health administration from the Medical University of South Carolina, a master in public health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a bachelor of science from California University of Pennsylvania.  She also earned a diploma in nursing from Columbia Hospital School of Nursing, Pittsburgh and a diploma in nurse anesthesia from Mercy Hospital School of Anesthesia, Pittsburgh.

Lecture Titles:         
A Different Shade of Green: Rising Through the Ranks as a Women in the Army 
Hear General Donna Barbisch share her stories on how the Army changed her life.  From her experience as a nurse in Vietnam through her insider’s perspective as a two-star general in the Pentagon, you will hear how she navigated the Army environment to break through barriers and become one of the first women to reach her two-star rank.

From Civil Defense to Homeland Security: An Historical Perspective
The history of homeland security can be traced back to World War I when civil defense became “every citizen’s civic duty for national defense.”  This review of transnational security will engage you in the lessons of the past that can improve the future of international security.   

Anatomy of a Pandemic: Insights into Bird Flu and Other Emerging Infectious Diseases
Why is “Bird Flu” in the news and what makes it different than seasonal influenza?  Hear from an expert on the history of emerging infectious diseases, the potential worldwide impact, and what we are doing to prevent outbreaks.

Terrorism, Hurricanes, and Viruses: In an Emergency, More Time is Not an Option
The worldwide emergency response system supports disasters around the globe.  With increasing frequency, we deploy tremendous resources to disasters, but are we making any progress?  This time capsule takes you on a journey through the history of disasters to highlight how far we’ve come and what lies ahead.    

The Military’s Role in Worldwide Disaster Response
Military forces around the world are called to respond to disasters.  What is their role and how do they help?  Should they be there sooner?  Gain an understanding of the appropriate use of military forces during disasters. 

Future Threats
With all the talk about terrorism and transnational threats, what does it mean to you and me?  This insightful talk provides a quantitative lens to analyze threats and put them into perspective.