Did you know we’ll have a Guest Lecturer sailing Dover-Dover?

January 7, 2014 by adannunzio

Beautiful skies

SeaDream I, voyage #11430 sails from Dover, England roundtrip this August 16-30. This special 14-day voyage includes experienced destination speaker, David Burgess.

David Burgess is a well-respected and experienced destination speaker who delivers his presentations in an entertaining, enjoyable, humorous and unique style.  David’s presentations draw on his many years of foreign travel as well as his college lecturing skills mixed in with more than a dash of his Liverpool humor that make his series of on board lectures a must see.

Prior to training as a college lecturer, David worked as a presenter and producer on UK local radio in Liverpool. David is a full-time college lecturer for The Manchester College, Europe’s largest FE college.

Proposed Lecture Titles:

The Kiel Canal and Bornholm
Bornholm is known as the ‘Pearl of the Baltic’ yet remains mainly unknown outside of Denmark.  David Burgess takes you through the history of this holiday gem that feels more like a Mediterranean island than a Scandinavian gem.  You will also discover the fascinating history behind the 61-mile long Kiel Canal that connects the North and Baltic Seas.

St. Petersburg: The Most Northern City in the World
St. Petersburg is also known as the city of 101 islands.  Join David Burgess as he guides you through the trouble, turmoil, and many name changes of this ‘once visited, never to be forgotten’ city.

The Russian Revolution
David Burgess takes you back in time to the main reasons and characters behind the 1917 revolution, the First World War, and its disastrous consequences on czardom.

How Do You Like Your Eggs?
David Burgess shares with you the story, myths, and legends behind the man and the factory that gave the world the Fabergé egg.

Dover, Gateway to London
Join David Burgess as he discusses the history and must-see sights of London, capital of the UK.

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