Guest Lecturers sailing aboard SeaDream I April 2014 Trans-Atlantic Voyage

London Bridge

SeaDream I, voyage #11418  sails from San Juan to London this April 26-May 11, 2014. Two interesting Guest Lecturers will be providing enrichment and entertainment; Steven Fischer and Dr. Charles Carlton.

Steven Fischer is a two-time Emmy-nominated writer/producer/digital cinematographer of fiction, non-fiction, and animated stories. His credits include the films Freedom Dance (2007) featuring Mariska Hargitay, and Old School New School (2010) with Brian Cox. His commissioned work includes Martin Scorsese’s NEH Jefferson Lecture, Keep the Promise with Margaret Cho and Tavis Smiley, Bill Cosby Live at The Kennedy Center, Kool & The Gang in Concert as well as various films and programs for Maryland Public Television/PBS, Romanian Television Network, TV Asia, Nextel, DuPont, Nalco/Ecolabs, AmeriCorps, Hollywood Stars II, and National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts.

Mr. Fischer teaches cartoon storytelling at Northwestern University and has spoken on various aspects of creativity at American University, Chapman University, National Louis University, Illinois Center for Broadcasting, The Art Institute of Wisconsin, Northeastern Illinois University, Avila University, Facets MultiMedia, Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, Waubonsee Community College, Anne Arundel Community College, Flintridge Prep, Roland Park Country School, Family Awareness Network, Chicago Cultural Center, Hollywood Shorts, Script DC, Globo Theater Miami, Cultural Impact Conference, Smith Farm for the Healing Arts, and YMCA.

Lecture Titles:

A Select History of Cartoon Art
Take a journey into the history, development, and social power of the modern cartoon from 30,000-year-old cave drawings to the cartoons of da Vinci, the 18th century social commentary of William Hogarth, and the modern classics from today’s funny pages.

Sequential Art and Your Destination
A look at the history of cartoon art as it relates to a cruise ship’s destination and how the cartoon has been used throughout history as a means of decoration, communication, propaganda, and storytelling as well as historical and cultural documentation.

The 5 Ways We Nurture Creativity
Two-time Emmy nominated writer/producer/cartoonist Steven Fischer shares five crucial qualities he’s learned in a twenty-year arts career for nurturing creativity.  He reveals how people discover and refine their unique voice, and offers a look at how risk-taking nurtured his creativity and led to the blossom of a fulfilling life in the arts.

My Life in Cartoons: Love Your Story to Life
Cartoons aren’t simply the insipid gag-of-the-day.  Steven Fischer, a two-time Emmy nominated writer/producer/cartoonist, deconstructs the narrative process and shows just how to love a character to life in this look at how the art and craft of storytelling can lead to a significant and meaningful cartoon narrative.

Cartoons That Heal: The Power of Non-Fiction Graphic Novels
A look at popular and painfully personal stories told in cartoon form.  Two-time Emmy nominated writer/producer/cartoonist Steven Fischer presents his treatise on the social significance of cartoons as catharsis for healing from tragedy or illness.  The lecture looks at popular and independent non-fiction graphic novels such as Mom’s Cancer, Maus, Persepolis, and Girl Stories, among others.

(Hands-On Workshop) My Story
This interactive workshop uses a playful creative process and divergent thinking exercises to help participants create an original story with personal meaning.

Dr. Charles Carlton holds a BA in history from University College, Cardiff and an MA and Ph.D. in history from UCLA; no one can explain the British royal family and their checkered history better than Dr. Charles Carlton. A native of England who has lived in the United States for more than 40 years, he is a professor emeritus of British history at North Carolina State University and a visiting professor at Duke University and Cambridge University. His many publications on royal mistresses, royal childhoods, royal warriors, and Charles I have established him as a leading authority in the field.