Interested in Forensic Science — We Have a Voyage For You !

Guest Speaker

Sail from Lisbon to San Juan, voyage #21438 this October 28 – November 9, 2014. If you are a CSI nut or just amazed by the forensics and DNA testing of today, you’ll enjoy the guest lecture series being presented by Dr. Hal Tinberg.

Dr. Hal Tinberg earned his BA and Ph.D. degrees in zoology from the University of California, Los Angeles (areas of expertise in biochemistry and cell biology).  He was a medical diagnostics research and development manager at a Fortune 100 company in the Chicago area for 17 years. After adopting as an avocation in 2007, Dr. Tinberg has presented lectures on forensics and DNA testing to public and private adult enrichment institutions in the Chicago area.

Proposed Lecture Titles:

The CSI Phenomenon
Join Dr. Hal Tinberg as he describes the talented people and remarkable series of events behind the creation of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” the most successful television franchise of the decade.  Explore the “CSI Effect”; are juries influenced by the new interest in forensic science?  Several case histories are discussed.

Forensic DNA Testing: Landmark Cases
Modern DNA testing was discovered and developed in the United Kingdom.  Since then, the United Kingdom has led the world in advances in DNA forensics.  Learn how DNA fingerprinting was discovered and how the various applications developed in the UK, such as ultrasensitive DNA testing and familial DNA testing, are now used successfully around the world.

Forensics and History: Secrets of the Romanovs
The Russian Revolution ended 300 years of rule by the House of Romanov.  Learn how state of the art DNA testing was used to identify Tsar Nicholas II and his family, the last of the Russian royals.  Did Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov survive the execution and reappear as Anna Anderson?  DNA testing reveals the answer.

Forensics and History: The Lost Dauphin of France
Following the French Revolution, the Dauphin (Crown Prince), Louis-Charles was imprisoned and reportedly died in captivity.  Over a hundred individuals have claimed to be the Lost Dauphin supporting the claim that the Royal Prince escaped his fate.  Dr. Hal Tinberg describes the use of forensic anthropology, genealogy, and DNA testing to reveal the true fate of the son of Marie Antoinette. 

Forensics and History: The Search for the Unknown Titanic Child
The world’s most luxurious and advanced ocean liner – the Titanic – sank in the North Atlantic 100 years ago.  Many of the victims have never been identified.  One such victim, The Unknown Titanic Child, went unidentified for almost a century.  State of the art DNA testing and the tireless efforts of a team of genealogists finally put a name to one of the many children who perished during the disaster.  Dr. Hal Tinberg describes the twists and turns that finally led to the solution to this enduring mystery.

Forensics and History: The Mystery of Christopher Columbus
Who was Christopher Columbus, the man who discovered America?  Questions have been raised that challenge the widely accepted story of Columbus.  Was he born in Genoa as generally believed or is the nature of his ethnicity more complex?  Although Columbus’ death has been clearly documented, his final resting place is still a matter of dispute.  Dr. Hal Tinberg describes the complex life of the Admiral and will challenge all you have learned about this great explorer.