Film Buffs will enjoy Lecture Series aboard SDI Crossing

September 15, 2014 by adannunzio


Enjoy a stimulating guest lecture series aboard  SeaDream I during it’s crossing voyage from Malaga, Spain to Barbados. This 12-night voyage sails Oct. 25 – Nov. 6, 2014 with special guest, Rick Staehling.

Rick Staehling was a film critic at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for over three decades, a radio/television career that began with a review of Alfred Hitchcock’s Family Plot and concluded 34 years later with Toy Story 3. A founding member of the Vancouver Film Critic’s Circle, he has taught communications at the University of British Columbia, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, and Capilano University, and lectured on film for Radical Games Ltd. and Corbis Images.

After graduating from the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, Rick worked behind the camera as a production assistant for The Petersen Company, designed posters for B-movie producer Roger Corman, and wrote, directed, and produced two short and now-forgotten films.

Rick has written extensively about movies for Rolling Stone, Vancouver magazine, and numerous Time Inc. publications, and his work has appeared in the anthologies King’s of the B’s: Working Within the Hollywood System and The Final Four of Everything. Staehling has also worked in publishing as a writer/designer and as the editor of Travel Etc., a magazine that regularly covered cruise travel.  His work has been recognized by numerous organizations including the National Magazine Awards and the Society of American Travel Writers Lowell Thomas Awards. In 2005, Rick received the Western Magazine Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Lecture Titles:

Thumbs Up: Film Critics and How to Read a Film

Start the voyage with a history of film critics, gossip columnists, and celebrity journalists and learn how you can combine the pleasures of film-going with the satisfaction of film criticism.

Casting Call: Actors and Acting

Meet the talents whose names grace the multiplex marquees and discover the differences between acting for stage and screen and what makes a supporting actor, star and superstar.

Master Shots: Cinematographers and the Visual Design of a Film

Learn the aesthetic and technical terms of cinematography and see how lighting, camera angles, and camera movement affect storytelling and the way a film works emotionally.

Power Player: The Director and the Auteur Theory

Discover what directors do—from development to distribution—and why their personal style and vision sometimes makes them the “author” of their films.

Kid’s Stuff: Why Hollywood Ignores Adults and What to Do About It

Find out why in an era of mega-million-dollar, international blockbusters few films are made for or about people over 40.

Note: Space is still available on this voyage with fares starting at $3,999 per person. Please contact your travel professional or SeaDream for details.

Trained Classical Tenor & Theatre Performer to Lecture

September 15, 2014 by adannunzio

Main Salon

SeaDream II sails from Lisbon to San Juan this October 28 – November 9, 2014 with special interest lecturer, Mr. Steven “Steve” Friedman aboard.

At a young age, Steve Friedman started impressing audiences with his lyrical tenor voice, in turn developing a love of musical theatre. With a background as a trained classical tenor, Steve attained the passion to present from a vantage point of once having performed many roles from “Camelot” and “Damn Yankees” to “Sweeney Todd.”  He has studied with leading teachers nationally and has enhanced his perception of theatre by not just performing but by looking at its’ roots from an historical perspective.

Steve has performed in many venues over the years including the Kennedy Center, and was a soloist for 35 years in a local choir.  He has studied with teachers of national repute from those at Carnegie Mellon and Michigan State University to former divas of the Metropolitan Opera. Steve’s love of theatre has enabled him to be on the board of nationally recognized non-profit theatre in Washington, DC. Steve believes that music creates emotional reactions and prides himself on helping audiences enjoy the perspective of musical theatre history.

Lecture Titles:

Tin Pan Alley to Broadway: 1927-1939

Steve Friedman will discuss how the American songbook was integrated on Broadway, how the legacy of Jerome Kern, the Gershwins, Cole Porter, and Rodgers and Hart impacted the Broadway musical, and why the musicals of the time created the American songbook.

How Oklahoma Changed the Broadway Musical: 1940-1949

The Broadway Musical scene was seeing change.  The music alone was not enough to satisfy the audience; they wanted an integrated story and meaningful plot.  Discuss how the musical evolved and how Rodgers and Hammerstein among others created the modern art form.

The Golden Age of the Broadway Musical: 1950-1960

The musical golden age started in 1950 with glorious, wonderful musicals changing the Broadway scene.  No story was unable to be told to music and this evolution plus the emergence of television created what is now referred to as the “Golden Age.”

The Cherished Golden Age Ends: 1960-1969

The decade marked the end of the cherished golden age of the Broadway musical. Steve Friedman will explore the time period of 1963-1965 regarded as the last two major creative Broadway seasons and why this era in time created some of the most memorable musicals of any era.

The Concept Musical and the Evolution of the Musical: 1970-1980

With the rise and success of Sondheim and the development of A Chorus Line, the musical had changed from being plot-driven to now being mostly sung with a storyline based upon one idea.

Space is still available on this 12-night voyage. Attractive rates starting at $3999 per person! Contact your travel professional or SeaDream for details.

Note this voyage has an additional Guest Lecturer, Dr. Tinberg. His lecture series focuses on DNA & forensic science.

Guest Lecturer to Discuss Forensics and DNA on SDII Crossing

September 15, 2014 by adannunzio

Main Salon SeaDream II, Voyage #21438 sails from Lisbon to San Juan this October 28 – November 9, 2014. If you, like so many, are hooked on CSI and the numerous other murder/mystery/detective programs, then you’ll particularly enjoy the Guest Lecturer sailing aboard this 12-night voyage.

Dr. Hal Tinberg earned his BA and PhD degrees in zoology from the University of California, Los Angeles (areas of expertise in biochemistry and cell biology). He was a medical diagnostics research and development manager at a Fortune 100 company in the Chicago area for 17 years.  He has conducted training sessions for domestic and international sales and marketing personnel and delivered technical presentations at national customer meetings. After adopting forensic science as an avocation in 2007, Dr. Tinberg has presented lectures on forensics and DNA testing to public and private adult enrichment institutions in the Chicago area.

Onboard Lectures include:

The CSI Phenomenon Dr. Tinberg will describe the talented people and remarkable series of events behind the creation of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, the most successful television franchise of the past decade. Explore the “CSI effect”.  Are juries influenced by the public’s new awareness of forensic science? Are criminals also watching forensic shows?  Several case histories are discussed.

Forensic DNA Testing: Landmark Cases Modern DNA testing was discovered and developed in the United Kingdom. Since then, the United Kingdom has led the world in advances in DNA forensics. Learn how DNA fingerprinting was discovered and how this new technology was used to solve a baffling series of murders. Dr. Tinberg will also describe the various forensic applications developed in the UK, such as ultrasensitive DNA testing and familial DNA testing, that are now being used successfully around the world.

DNA Testing: Cold Cases Solved Cold cases decades old have been solved using sophisticated forensic DNA testing. Learn how this technology and work of dedicated police detectives has solved baffling cold cases such as the Helena Greenwood murder, the Southland Strangler, and the Grim Sleeper murders. The oldest DNA cold case in US history will be discussed.

Forensics and History: The Mystery of the Romanovs The Russian Revolution ended 300 years of rule by the House of Romanov. Learn how state of the art DNA testing was used to identify Tsar Nicholas II and his family, the last of the Russian royals. Did Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov survive the execution and reappear as Anna Anderson?  Dr. Tinberg describes her incredible story and how science was used to solve this decades-old mystery.

Forensics and History: The Lost Dauphin of France Following the French Revolution, the Dauphin (Crown Prince), Louis-Charles was imprisoned and reportedly died in captivity.  Over a hundred individuals – including some very famous people – have claimed to be the Lost Dauphin, supporting the claim that the Royal Prince escaped his fate.  Dr. Tinberg describes the use of forensic testing to find out the true fate of the son of Marie Antoinette.

Forensics and History: The Search for the Unknown Titanic Child The world’s most luxurious and advanced ocean liner – The Titanic – sank in the North Atlantic 100 years ago.  Many of the victims have never been identified.  One such victim, The Unknown Titanic Child, went unidentified for almost a century. State-of-the-art DNA testing and the tireless efforts of a team of genealogists finally put a name to one of the many children who perished during the disaster. Dr. Tinberg describes the twists and turns that finally led to the solution to this enduring mystery.


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wine tasting



SeaDream Yacht Club has been approved by the British Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) to deliver wine courses, exams and certifications under the organization’s prestigious umbrella beginning in the Spring 2015. The accreditation is the latest example of an emphasis on wine and cuisine onboard the two mega-yachts SeaDream I and II.

“WSET is the world’s most prestigious and well-respected wine education organization,” shares Atle Brynestad, owner and CEO of SeaDream Yacht Club. “It was an obvious choice to align our brand with the best organization as we refined and enhanced our onboard wine program.”

The British Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) offers courses in four levels from one to four and guests may now take the first two levels onboard SeaDream. The aim of the Level 1 is to give a basic introduction to wine followed by food pairings.

“The interest among consumers obtaining an education in wine is at an all-time high in the United States as well as Scandinavian countries,” explains SeaDream Yacht Club Wine Director Erica Landin. “Our guests may elect to attend a course to gain formal qualification or simply a desire to enhance their knowledge of the immense variety of wines produced in the world today.”

Level 2 is a comprehensive 12-day program program only offered on dedicated Wine Education Voyages, starting with the 12-day San Juan, Puerto Rico to Malaga sailing departing April 18, 2015. It focuses on the key grape varieties and growing regions of the world as well as what factors influence a wine’s style and quality. The all-around course is ideally suited for the interested beginner or aficionado wishing to strengthen their knowledge.

Additionally, SeaDream recently announced exciting Wine Voyages beginning fall 2014. These experiences add to the two mega-yachts’ innovative culinary and beverage program, which features the first and only full raw cuisine menu onboard as well as showcasing local delicacies from ports of call. Each voyage will offer heightened experiences for beginners and veteran oenophiles with itineraries that have been expertly developed by SeaDream’s Wine Director, Erica Landin, one of Sweden’s most internationally recognized wine writers. Activities onboard the Wine Voyages include visits to high-quality vineyards in the world’s most exclusive wine destinations; informal and formal tastings of local varietals; wine master classes and a special Winemaker’s Dinner, in which a local grower or winery owner shares treasures from their own cellars.

For more information on SeaDream Yacht Club, contact a travel professional, call 1-800-707-4911 or visit

About The British Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) The Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) was founded in 1969 in London to provide high quality education and training in wines and spirits. Since then, WSET has grown into the foremost international body in the field of wines and spirits education, with a suite of sought-after qualifications. For more information about WSET and the levels, see      


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Mountain Bikes



SeaDream Yacht Club announces crew-led excursions for the fall and winter 2014/2015 season in the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands. Known as “shore side casuals” among past guests, the veteran crew onboard the 112-guest twin mega-yachts leads complimentary shore tours to their favorite spots in the Caribbean islands. The 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio of SeaDream and casual elegance onboard SeaDream I and SeaDream II affords flexibility to explore where large ships and formal tours seldom venture.

“The intimate size and casually elegant service onboard SeaDream gives guests a true yachting experience in the Caribbean,” shares Bob Lepisto, president of SeaDream Yacht Club. “That experience is equally delivered shore side as our the crew shares their favorite activities in the islands through one-of-a-kind shore excursions.”

With 10 mountain bikes onboard each mega-yacht, guests can bike to the secluded beaches including Flamenco Beach in Culebra, the intimate coves in Esperanza and Shoal Bay in Anguilla. Nature preserves like the Turtle Sanctuary in Bequia and watching the dolphins at Soper’s Hole are led by crew. For the most ambitious, a tour circumnavigating the island of Nevis or mountain biking to the bottom of Saba are popular ways to work off a delicious lunch. Guests on SeaDream this season can enjoy crew-led hikes on many of the smaller islands in the Caribbean.

One of the many highlights of shore side casuals includes an incredible hike on the tiny island of Culebrita.  Part of a wildlife refuge and located approximately one mile east of the island of Culebra, this tiny island is a nature lover’s paradise.  Led by a knowledgeable crewmember, guests will hike to the only remaining Spanish-era structure in the Culebra archipelago, which is also the only permanent structure on the island.  After taking in the views, guests will head to Playa Tortuga (Turtle Beach), which is named for the many sea turtles that use the beach for breeding grounds and surrounding waters for grazing.

SeaDream Yacht Club offers a myriad of crew-led, complementary shore excursions in numerous destinations giving guests many opportunities to explore their surroundings.  A walk through Old San Juan to the El Morro Fortress offers guests the chance to explore the region’s rich history, while a circumnavigation bike ride on the tiny island paradise of Nevis is one of many ways for guests to enjoy the unspoiled serenity of natural Caribbean settings.

With an emphasis on relaxed luxury, guests can take advantage of the SeaDream Spa, with the highest therapist-to-guest ratio at sea.  Both SeaDream I and SeaDream II are also equipped with wave runners, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and many other watersports activities, all of which can be launched directly from the yachts’ Marina. While passengers sailing with other lines fight the crowds in larger ports, guests sailing with SeaDream Yacht Club will enjoy an experience like none other, visiting ports that only they can access.

Fully inclusive yachting fares begin at $3,999 based on double occupancy.

For inquiries, contact a travel professional or SeaDream Yacht Club at 1-800-707-4911 or visit

A Grand Mix of International Guests

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Library relaxing

SeaDream II recently sailed a voyage from Venice to Athens with less than 112 guests onboard. Indeed, with only 56 staterooms (and not always sold-out), the intimate size of SeaDream is perfect for guests to mix & mingle and make new friendships. While we often have quite a mix of international guests, imagine on this particular voyage, 20 different nationalities were represented!

The guest nationality list was a mini-United Nations of sorts:




Great Britain

















Distant family meets for first time as SeaDream calls on Lillesand, Norway

August 22, 2014 by adannunzio

Lillesand Article It happened during the SeaDream I sailing, July 26 – Aug. 8, 2014 from Bergen, Norway to Copenhagen, Denmark.

SeaDream guest, Carole Serine Einarsen Alfriend shares her special story with SeaDream blog readers.

This trip was especially meaningful for me, as I am Norwegian on my father’s side.  The voyage stopped in Lillesand, Norway where my paternal grandmother’s family lived (my great-grandparents came to America from there.)  I worked with a genealogist in Lillesand and on our stop there, I met cousins that I never knew that I had!  It is a most remarkable memory and it was a fabulous afternoon that we had there.  I am attaching the Lillesands-Posten newspaper article about my visit and an English translation.  Thank you to SeaDream for this most memorable trip.

-Carole Carole Serine Einarsen Alfriend

(newspaper article below was translated from Norwegian to English. Pardon possible errors)

Discovered a new family Carole Serine Einarsen Alfriend had a friendly meeting with her relatives in Norway and had the opportunity to  visit her ancest0r’s homes, when the mega yacht, SeaDream was visiting Lillesand on Sunday. The Stangeby family had large parts of their family tree in place, thanks to John Gustav Johansen. It all started with the fact that the local history team got a somewhat unusual request from the USA. Could they help Carole Serine Einarsen Alfriend with some information about her ancestor’s history? The result was a tour in Lillesand and Høvåg, meeting distant relatives in this little town & people not knowing that they had family across the ocean. John Gustav Johansen was put on the case. As an experienced producer of genealogical tables, he got tabs on Carole´s family tree. One of those who showed up was Kurt Stangeby from Lillesand. Stangeby, a local man interested in history, agreed to help John Gustav and his wife Bergliot Øie Johansen in organizing the visit for the distant relative from the United States. “This is something I will never regret doing”, Stangeby says, because he, his wife Evy and his sister Irene too, had an unforgettable day. Stangeby not only got to know that he had relatives in the United States, John Gustav Johansen worked out most of the genealogical tree on his mother’s side as well. “I did not know that I had family in the United States”, Stangeby says, and he tells us that Aanon Anderssen from Ågerøya is his and Carole´s common great-great grandfather. Aanon lived from 1819 to 1904 and was married to Oline Marie Andersdatter (1821-1900) from Åmland. Their son Aanon Olevinius (Aanonsen) Andersen (born 1859 in Høvåg) and his wife Severine (born Børresen, 1863 in Lillesand) emigrated to the United States and became Carole’s  great grandparents.

Round Trip

Carole Serine Einarsen Alfriend had also visited Lillesand in 1976, but had no contact with anyone at that time. This time, however, Stangeby had worked out a full program for Carole, her husband, Malcome and friends Rob and Bill to visit the places of interest in Lillesand. John Gustav Johansen and his wife had come up with all the information that was needed about their ancestors and for the journey. During  the five hours SeaDream was docked in Lillesand, the four visited the school, in which the great grandmother was a student, they visited the churches in Vestre Moland and Høvåg , and they also visited the houses at Åmland and in the Oddekleiva where, respectively, the great grandfather and great grandmother grew up. It was a great experience for both the Norwegians and the Americans. “It was great fun. We learned a lot about the whole family and about the American family in particular”, Evy Stangeby says. She has a long time been doing research on her husband´s family tree. Now she’s got most of the pieces on her husband’s mother’s side in place, thanks to information provided by John Gustav Johansen. “The funny thing about this, is that suddenly half of Lillesand´s inhabitants were related to each other”, said Kurt Stangeby laughing, referring to the Commerce Manager and the Minister of Development, and a whole lot of other well-known Lillesand names, appearing on the family tree.

A successful visit

Kurt had agreed in advance with the owners of the homes on Åmland and Oddekleiva that the group could pay a visit there. Together with his sister Irene, he was the driver for the group. The group was invited into both locations and both Erik Florvaag and Johan Chr. Gunnufsen were genuinely interested in meeting the Americans. “They  talked about the homes and even got new information about who had lived there”, Kurt Stangeby said. “So it was a pleasant experience for us all”, Kurt Stangeby says after delivering the Americans to the Dybvannskaia  dock and waved goodbye to his newly discovered relative. Carole for her part will never regret getting in touch with the local history team and selecting this cruise which came alongside the dock in Lillesand.

Newspaper Pictures

SLEKTNINGER: Carole Serine Einarsen Alfriend met her relatives Irene Stangeby and Kurt Stangeby in Lillesand. Alfriend was a guest aboard the cruise ship, SeaDream I.

MIDDELSKOLEN: John Gustav and Bergliot have taken her to the «Middelskolen».

FIKK INFORMASJON: Carole gets information about her ancestors´ house at Åmland by Erik Florvaag.

PÅ KIRKEGÅRDEN: The Americans were surprised that the ownership of a grave ends after 20 years. In USA they last forever.

I KIRKEN: Carole gets information from Bergliot Øie Johansen in Høvåg Church.

ÅMLAND: The group was heartily welcomed at the house of Carole´s ancestors in Høvåg. THE JOURNEY: They all agreed that the trip had been a success.

Greg Fraher joins SeaDream as Director of Business Development, Northeast USA

August 4, 2014 by adannunzio

Greg Fraher

Greg  Fraher joins SeaDream Yacht Club as Director of Business Development, Northeast USA

SeaDream Yacht Club bolsters its presence on the east coast. Dedicated to providing greater service to the travel agent community, SeaDream is pleased to announce the appointment of Greg Fraher as Director of Business Development/Northeast, effective August 4, 2014. Based from his home in Hoboken, NJ, Greg will manage a seven state territory including New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. SeaDream veteran Lucille DePerro, will now serve as Director of Business Development/Mid-Atlantic, managing the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and the District of Columbia. Greg will be giving more attention to the New England states, which were previously managed by Brooke Lepisto. Brooke in turn, will have her full time attention on the South Central States.


A seasoned industry veteran of over 25 years, Greg brings extensive experience and knowledge of the small-ship arena having held sales, marketing and operations positions with top operators including Lindblad Expeditions, Orion Expedition Cruises and Travel Dynamics International. His most recent appointment was with New York based Fischer Travel Enterprises, where he served as a Travel and Lifestyle Consultant.


An avid fan of traveling aboard small vessels and in the company of like-minded individuals, Greg reports: “I am thrilled to be returning to the supplier side of the industry and affiliating myself with SeaDream Yacht Club. I’ve admired this fine company for many years, and look forward to representing the brand and contributing to its great reputation and success.”


Greg may be reached at (646) 623-5197 or


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Lone Pine Memorial Gallipoli


SeaDream Yacht Club has created a half-dozen-plus unique opportunities in 2015 to combine a sailing aboard the world’s most-highly-rated boutique passenger vessels, SeaDream I or SeaDream II with a pilgrimage to Gallipoli for the 100th Anniversary Year of ANZAC.

The identical mega yachts, that each carry a maximum just-112 guests, will sail the seven voyages – ranging from 7-12 nights in duration – between May and October 2015, all starting or ending in Istanbul and with six to or from Athens, and one of 12-days to Venice.

All sailings will have a day at Kepez in Turkey for an optional 4.5hr tour to the Gelibou (Gallipoli) National Park led by expert guides brought in from Istanbul by SeaDream Yacht Club, and will include the 1915 North Beach ANZAC landing site in Anzac Cove, Ari Burnu and Johnston’s Jolly Cemeteries, Lone Pine Memorial, Chunuk Bair’s ANZAC and Turkish trenches, and the Kabatepe Military Museum.

For full itineraries and sailing dates for these seven unique ANZAC 100th Anniversary Year sailings, see travel agents or visit

Sail a Mediterranean country in-depth in 2015

July 24, 2014 by adannunzio

            SeaDream’s Mediterranean voyages sail May through October each year. In 2015, you’ll discover voyages that take you all over the region; from tiny ports and hidden harbors to the larger, chic cities (think Monte Carlo).

            There are opportunities to visit a specific country, in depth. Sailing through various ports of one country over 7 or more days gives one a greater sense of the place, a better understanding of it’s history, culture and landscape. This type of destination focused voyage can be found for regions including Croatia, Italy, Greece and Turkey. Below are several 2015 voyages which are very destination focused:

Hvar, Croatia

Hvar, Croatia

Voyages that feature 100% CROATIA (sample itinerary below).

Voyage # 11525

Dubrovnik, Croatia (embark)

Mljet, Croatia

Hvar, Croatia     

Split, Croatia      

Sibenik, Croatia

Rab, Croatia       

Opatija, Croatia

Rovinj, Croatia  

Venice, Italy (debark)

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Voyages that feature 99% GREECE (sample itinerary below)…also note calls to many unique, lesser known Greek Islands.

Voyage # 21530

Istanbul, Turkey (embark)

Molyvos, Greece

Skopelos, Greece

Skiathos, Greece

Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey

Patmos, Greece

Parikia, Paros, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Navplion (Mycenae), Greece

Hydra, Greece

Athens (Piraeus), Greece (debark)

Capri, Italy

Capri, Italy

Voyages that feature 99% ITALY (sample itinerary below)…and note the many ports in Sicily.

Voyage # 11530

Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy (embark)

Bonifacio, Corsica, France

Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Italy

Trapani, Sicily, Italy

Marettimo, Sicily, Italy

Porto Empedocle (Agrigento), Sicily, Italy

Syracuse, Sicily, Italy

Taormina (Mt. Etna), Sicily. Italy

Amalfi, Italy

Capri, Italy

Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy (debark)

Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey

Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey

Voyages that feature multiple calls in Turkey (sample itinerary below)

Voyage # 11537

Athens (Piraeus), Greece (embark)

Santorini, Greece

Rhodes Town, Greece

Antalya, Turkey

Bodrum, Turkey

Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey

Kepez (for Troy/Gallipoli) Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey (debark)


For a complete look at all 2015 Mediterranean voyages, click here