The Caribbean Done SeaDream Style

June 27, 2014 by adannunzio

Mayreau, The Grenadines

The Caribbean Done SeaDream Style

One of the pleasures in sailing aboard SeaDream’s (344 feet/104.85 meters) mega-yachts, is their maneuverability & size which allow SeaDream to easily navigate and call on small yacht harbors. Starting this November 2014, through April 2015, SeaDream calls on many of the Caribbean’s most intimate yacht harbors. It is in these locations, you are away from the crowds and you are able to find yourself alone on an undisturbed, pristine beach.  Click here for upcoming Caribbean voyages

If you’d like to get-away-from-it-all, here are a few special Caribbean ports you’ll find in SeaDream’s itinerary:

Anegada, British Virgin Islands:
In contrast to the other BVIs, Anegada is a low coral atoll 11 miles long, at its highest point only 28 feet above sea level. The trees on Anegada are more than double the height of the island! Navigating by smaller vessel is the only way to get here; the surrounding submerged coral reefs make it tricky. We suggest a day at Cow Wreck Beach; miles of stunning, secluded sandy beach and great snorkeling.

Bequia, the Grenadines:
Bequia is the northernmost of the Grenadines, just 7 square miles of quiet lagoons, reefs and long silvery stretches of beach. SeaDream anchors at Port Elizabeth and offers guests a scenic Land Adventure, sport fishing or a trip to the neighboring island of Mustique. If you have time, visit Mac’s for lobster pizza.

Mayreau, the Grenadines:
This is one of SeaDream signature Champagne and Caviar Splash destinations. This particular island is the smallest of the inhabited Grenadines Islands and has two amazing beaches. Generally the team on board will offer guests a hike to Saltwhistle Bay.

Union Island, the Grenadines:
Union Island, the southernmost island of the Grenadines, is nicknamed the ‘Tahiti of the West Indies’ due to its volcanic silhouette. Among the many restaurants and bars, Happy Island, a man-made island featuring a bar, sits in the middle of Clifton harbor and is a must-see. Mount Taboi, which at 999 feet above sea level, is the highest peak on Union Island. A key feature of the Union Island region is the Tobago Cays National Marine Park. The Tobago Cays are a group of small uninhabited islands surrounded by reefs, where SeaDream offers snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming (you’ll see sea turtles).

Great active Land Adventures include hiking, biking and tubing. This destination is becoming more popular due to the moderate tropical climate that ensures the success of spice production. Nutmegs are the most plentiful crop, followed by an array of such spices as cocoa, mace, cloves, vanilla, cinnamon and ginger. SeaDream guests can enjoy playing from the water sports marina as we are scheduled to anchor in this port of call.

Canouan Island, the Grenadines:
Canouan is a small island in the Grenadines belonging to St Vincent. It measures 3.5 miles (5.6 km) by 1.25 miles (2 km). The estimated population is approximately 1,200. The island is unspoiled nature, endowed green hills, secluded bays and long white sand beaches. SeaDream guests may play resort golf, hike, bike and water sports.

Norman Island, BVI

Norman Island, British Virgin Islands:
Norman Island is located at the southern tip of the British Virgin Islands. The island is uninhabited and privately owned by Dr. Henry Jarecki. Its area is about 600 acres (2.4 km²), and it is about 2.5 miles (4 km) long. A large harbor known as “The Bight” offers one of the most protected anchorages in the area. Guests will enjoy great hiking opportunities as well as snorkeling and scuba diving. Another popular option may be to have a beverage at the Pirates Bight Bar.

Dominica ( the Nature Isle):
SeaDream can either dock alongside the unique wooden pier or stay at anchor in Prince Rupert Bay to offer water activities from the marina. A must-do SeaDream Land Adventure is a trip down Indian River aboard wooden rowboats (oarsman provided). It’s a beautifully peaceful float through a “tunnel of flora and fauna.

Vieques, Puerto Rico:
Vieques is part of the United States Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (USCW), but, like the rest of Puerto Rico, retains strong influences from 400 years of Spanish ownership. Its two main towns are Isabel Segunda the administrative center on the northern side of the island, and Esperanza on the southern side. It has the nickname “Isla Nena”, usually translated from the Spanish as “Little Girl Island”, alluding to its perception as Puerto Rico’s little sister. Today the former navy land is a national wildlife refuge, with numerous beaches that still retain the names given by the navy, including Red Beach, Blue Beach, Green Beach and others. The beaches are commonly listed among the top beaches in the Caribbean for their azure-colored waters and white sands. SeaDreamers can visit the very unique Bio Bay in the evening via an old school bus (the only bus on the island) This adventure is always receiving great reviews. Guests can also stroll the small town or go for a nice bike ride to one of the magnificent beaches.

CulebritaCulebrita, Puerto Rico:
This tiny island is a NATURE LOVERS PARADISE and part of a wildlife refuge, located just about one mile east of the island of Culebra. Because of its special status, the only permanent structure you’ll find on the island is the abandoned lighthouse high on the hill; for the energetic, the trail hike up there is well worth the views over the surrounding area (it is prohibited to enter the lighthouse!). The islands beaches are also nesting grounds for sea turtles so please avoid any nesting areas ” marked or unmarked; but do keep your eyes open, you just might spot one of them in the water. When coming ashore, wear your swim suit, bring a towel, water and plenty of sun protection; then enjoy your day on this beautiful unspoiled and natural island, walk along the trails & beaches, snorkel amongst the reefs or swim in the clear blue waters. The local trees along the beach provide some shade but there are no restrooms or changing facilities on the island.

Terre-de-Haut, Iles des Saintes, Guadeloupe:
SeaDream anchors off the island of Terre-de-Haut (part of the Iles des Saintes group of Islands), one of the most picturesque in the entire Caribbean. Enjoy views of  the sister island, Ilet a Cabrit, the main island of Guadeloupe and volcanic La Soufriere mountain (1,466 meters/4,810 feet high).

Popular SeaDreamers to tie the knot

June 5, 2014 by adannunzio

Fatima and Doramas

Popular SeaDreamers to tie the knot


LOVE is in the air! Two of SeaDream I’s favorite crew members are getting married in the Philippines Saturday, June 14.

Waiter Doramas Calderin and stewardess Fatima Perez will tie the knot at the Lord’s Transfiguration Parish Church in Pampanga province on the island of Luzon in the north of the country.

Their’s was a fairytale romance pursued when their times off duty on SeaDream I coincided and they managed to get ashore in some of the scores of dream destinations in the Mediterranean and Caribbean on the SeaDream Yacht Club itineraries.

Doramas joined the vessel seven years ago after studying at university before joining the hospitality industry at the Sharaton Salobre Golf Resort near Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. Fatima had joined SeaDream I a year earlier.

And befitting their storybook romance, he proposed last year when the couple had lunch together at the Ile de France Hotel overlooking one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, on the Bay of Flamands in St Barts.

They have no current plans for a life away from the sea. Maybe when babies come along … As Doramas explains:

“We just love SeaDream I. Without it we would never have met!”

SeaDreamers who wish to send their congratulations can email Doramas and Fatima at the Grand Palazzo Hotel where the happy couple will be holding their reception. (

(Malcolm Andrews is an Australian author and journalist who has been a SeaDream devotee since the first of several voyages, in 2006)


June 3, 2014 by adannunzio

SeaDream ExecChef Ondrej Havlicek.sml


- David Ellis with Malcolm Andrews

CZECH-born Ondrej Havlicek gives whole new meaning to “being good on the tooth”. Because like so many youngsters finishing high school, he wasn’t quite sure just what direction he wanted his life to take him, and while tossing-up on a choice of careers, was told on good advice that his country had a shortage of dentists – and more importantly that the job paid very well indeed. So he put himself through university, qualified as a dentist and for four years plugged away, so to speak, at his new-found career. But deep down he wasn’t enjoying himself and one day in 1996 walked out of the surgery, went down to the wharves of his country’s capital, Prague and signed up as a junior officer on a Polish cargo ship. To this day he’s not quite sure why he decided to go to sea, but says that from Day 1 he found the ocean was in his blood. “Yet while I loved the sea and travelling to far-flung destinations, there was still something that was missing,” he says. And it turned out to be food. “I had done some part-time work along the way in hotels and enjoyed preparing and presenting food,” Ondrej adds. “Although I don’t know where this came from, as there have never been any professional chefs in my family.” And so, as to fulfill his desire, he changed direction once more, this time heading inland to the Swiss capital of Zurich for culinary training before, in 2001, graduating and heading back to sea… this time in the galleys of cruise ships sailing the Caribbean and Alaska. “But it was a bit like a production line in a factory, chefs rarely got the chance to create something personal and unique,” he says. He did, however, make himself stand out on one particular cruise, catching the attention of a rich American who was so impressed he offered him a job as personal chef on his private yacht. Then another mega-millionaire lured him even further afield, this time to a palatial vessel in the Persian Gulf. “I was well paid and the job came with an unwritten understanding that there would be ultimate discretion,” he says. “It was a case of cooking for my boss and his family, and their crew, and for occasional guest dinner parties at which I was able to let-loose my creativity.” Enjoyable as it was, Ondrej missed the rapport he had shared with cruise vessel passengers. So in April 2011, he joined SeaDream Yacht Club .“SeaDream is so different to the mega-liners with thousands of passengers,” says the-now 5 star chef. “Aboard those big one’s everything is prepared in bulk, and portioned out onto the plates. It is the same repetitive task for those in the galley each and every night.” “On SeaDream there is no pre-cooking, everything is prepared a la minute and everything is fresh: I can go off at any port we visit and buy what fruit and vegetables are available, planning that night’s menu accordingly. What I buy at the markets in the morning, is on the guests’ plates that evening. “Of course, menus are planned in advance depending on the mix of passengers for each sailing, and we bring on board some 3000 kilos of the finest produce at the start of each voyage. Alaskan crab-claws. New Zealand lamb. Lobsters from Maine. There is such a variety that if a guest wants something special we are able to prepare a gourmet dish for him or her personally.” And often Ondrej, who is Executive Chef on SeaDream I, will take guests on a tour of one of the markets, his favorite being St Tropez, on the Mediterranean coast of France. “The guests see why I buy certain vegetables, and get to taste – complimentary – several local Rosés, cheeses, breads and a traditional local onion tart. It is one of the most popular of our shore excursions.” See why we reckon he gives new meaning to being good on the tooth?  PHOTO CAPTION: [] EXECUTIVE Chef on SeaDream I, Ondrej Havlicek. (Pic Malcolm Andrews)


May 29, 2014 by adannunzio
Troy Horse Canakkale, Turkey


SeaDream II has a 7-day roundtrip voyage from Istanbul on Aug. 30 this year that’s not just a magical 5-star, laid-back experience aboard the world’s highest-rated boutique passenger vessel, it also embraces some of the most fascinating architectural regions of classical Turkey and the oldest Greek Islands – as well as the opportunity to visit Gallipoli.

SeaDream II will visit Kepez, Turkey for optional tours to both Troy and Gallipoli. The voyage also visits Kusadasi, Turkey for the opportunity to see the famed ruins of classical Ephesus dating back to the 10th century BC. Also on this voyage; picturesque Pythagorion on Samos Island; Mykonos where the sun shines 300 days of the year; Paros Island’s ancient Parikia famed for its waterfront cafés and bars on cobble-stoned streets, and Mytilene on Lesvos that’s one of the oldest cities in the world (10BC.) SeaDream is small enough to get up-close to those places you want to see.

Prices for this eye-opening voyage (#21430) begin from US$4899pp double occupancy. Fare includes all 5-star dining, open bar, gratuities, water-sports (where locally permitted), 30 course golf simulator, fitness center, mountain bikes and more.

Paros Island GreeceEphesus, Kusadasi, Turkey


SeaDream I soon to sail Northern Europe

May 28, 2014 by adannunzio

Balestrand, Norway


SeaDream I will soon enter the Baltic Sea for her summer season, which features voyages showcasing Northern Europe.  The itinerary begins from Hamburg, Germany on May 31 via a journey through the Kiel Canal that will now call on the metropolises of Helsinki; Stockholm and St. Petersburg, Russia, where multiple-night stays allow guests to explore highlights such as the world-famous Hermitage museum, or the renowned Jacobson Ballet School. Due to its intimate size, this summer SeaDream I is able to dock in locations where larger ships cannot reach including the charming islands of Saaremaa in Estonia and Finland’s Aland archipelago.

“As SeaDream I begins her summer season, guests sailing onboard can look forward to visiting founder Atle Brynestad’s hometown of Oslo, overnights in St. Petersburg and more,” shares President Bob Lepisto. “Limited space remains on these voyages and we encourage travelers new to SeaDream to consider exploring the Baltic by mega-yacht this summer.”

Defined by her intimate atmosphere, award-winning dining and 1:1 crew to guest ratio, SeaDream I will sail the secluded ports and popular harbors along the Baltic coast and throughout the Norwegian fjords.

Northern Europe highlights include:

  • An itinerary featuring three overnights in St. Petersburg, Russia. Guests will have access to unique land adventures, which include a special private opening of the Hermitage museum and a visit to the palace at Peterhof, unofficially known as the “Versailles of Russia.” Tours of the Neva River and its canals will also be available, and offer incredible vistas of St. Petersburg’s renowned architecture.
  • Overnights in Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord, Norway. Guests will get up close and personal with the majestic Norwegian Fjords as they visit hidden coves accessible only by small craft or mega-yacht. Exciting outdoor activities such as kayaking directly from the SeaDream I marina, mountain biking and hiking on secluded and sparsely populated islands will also be available.
  • Exclusive complimentary land excursion in Oslo to Hadeland Glassworks factory, owned by SeaDream Founder Mr. Atle Brynestad.


April 29, 2014 by adannunzio

Thai Spa logo



Guests sailing onboard SeaDream Yacht Club during the summer 2014 season can achieve the ultimate in tranquility and bliss with a pampering treatment at the SeaDream Spa.  Of the 35+ treatments available, the Asian Blend treatment has once again been revealed as the most popular and requested treatment onboard SeaDream I and SeaDream II. The two 112-guest yachts will make their way to the Mediterranean and Northern Europe for the summer season with limited availability remaining.SeaDream Spa, Asian Blend Massage “The Asian Blend treatment offers a combination massage utilizing the best of Thai, Shiatsu and deep tissue massage techniques complimented by massage oil and herbal balm,” shares SeaDream Yacht Club Spa Director Bassima Tveraabak. “As our two mega-yachts sail the Mediterranean and Baltic this summer, our team looks forward to showcasing the most luxurious spa at sea.” The SeaDream Spa is the only member of the Thai Spa Association at sea. With a staff of eight therapists to 112 guests, SeaDream also offers the highest therapist to guest ratio sailing today. Featuring private, ocean view treatment rooms, complimentary steam and sauna, a full-service salon, an ocean-view fitness center, and an open-air, private massage area, guests experience therapies with the serenity of ocean breezes only possible on an exclusive mega-yacht.

Products and services from La Prairie®, Thalgo®, Harnn®, Moroccanoil®, Essie® and Wella® are incorporated into treatments. After completing their treatment, spa-goers may nourish their bodies with healthy cuisine prepared by highly trained chefs. One option to choose from – in addition to the always-available à la carte menu is the only “raw food” or “living food” menu at sea. Created in conjunction with the Hippocrates Health Institute, dishes on the Raw Food Menu include Watercress Tang, a liquid mélange of watercress, Anjou pear, lime and pineapple; Asian Cashew Curry Salad; Blood Apple Blaster, a blend of apple, ginger, red beet, lime juice and agave; and Vegetable Lasagna, a medley of pasta-like noodles made from spinach leaves and coconut meat, layered between a spicy cauliflower mash topped with a sun-dried tomato marinara.

Guests find a seemingly endless variety of amenities and activities available as part of their inclusive SeaDream journey. A bevy of water toys, including wave runners, Hobie cats®, wakeboards, stand-up paddleboards and snorkel gear are rolled out almost daily on the yacht’s marina, weather permitting. Mountain bikes are available to guests interested in casual shore side exploration. A golf simulator featuring 30 of the most legendary courses, daily yoga and Tai Chi sessions are a few inclusive offerings that keep guests busy.

To learn more about the SeaDream Spa or to book a SeaDream Yacht Club voyage, contact a travel professional or SeaDream Yacht Club at 1-800-707-4911, or visit SeaDream SPA (B.W)

Select 2015 Voyages with Added Savings for Club Members

April 28, 2014 by adannunzio

Cocktails on Deck

Select 2015 Voyages with Added Savings for Club Members

If you have sailed once with SeaDream at a publicly offered rate, you are automatically a SeaDream Club member. One of the benefits you now receive, is added savings on select voyages!

We have just released the 2015 select voyages where SeaDream Club members will save an additional $500 per stateroom.

Voyage #21506, Sailing 01/31/2015, 7 nights from St. Thomas to San Juan.

Voyage #11507, Sailing 02/07/2015, 7 nights from St. Thomas to San Juan.

Voyage #21514, Sailing 03/28/2015, 7 nights from St. Thomas to San Juan.

Voyage #21519, Sailing 05/09/2015, 7 nights from Monte Carlo roundtrip.

Voyage #11532, Sailing 08/15/2015, 7 nights from Dubrovnik to Athens (Piraeus).

Voyage #11538, Sailing 10/10/2015,  7 nights from Istanbul to Athens (Piraeus).

This savings is valid for SeaDream Club members only. Please request this savings at time of booking or before final payment. Savings taken from our website’s Book Today & Save pricing. Refer to promo code “SD500″. Savings is per stateroom.


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Wedding Celebration


Unforgettable Charter Experiences in the World’s Most Exclusive Destinations

Full charters with SeaDream Yacht Club, known among discerning travelers for its award-winning, luxury yachting experiences, offer the ultimate gift of lifetime memories, rather than material possessions, to guests interested in celebrating important milestones with family and friends. Fifty-six well-appointed staterooms, including 10 suites, accommodate a maximum of 112 guests in an intimate, elegantly casual setting.

“Many of our group guests are drawn by the size of our vessels, the opportunities for customization and the detailed planning provided by our dedicated charter coordinators,” says SeaDream President, Bob Lepisto. “Sailing the waters of the Caribbean or Europe on a mega-yacht with close friends is truly the ultimate celebration for marking a memorable moment.” Birthdays, anniversaries and family reunions are among the special occasions guests are choosing to celebrate with fully-inclusive, private charters aboard the mega-yachts SeaDream I and II. Examples include a tandem celebration, in which both a husband and wife celebrated their 60th birthdays with loved ones on a voyage of their choosing. Surprise parties are also a hit, when guests know they are taking a SeaDream voyage, but later discover it will be on a private charter shared only with their friends and family.

When planning a private celebration aboard SeaDream, our Charter Coordinators assist in every aspect, from the custom itinerary to onboard activities to special dining preferences and entertainment options. Custom shore excursions in locations seldom visited by larger ships may be arranged, such as guided expeditions through the secluded coastal towns of the Mediterranean. With a 1-to-1 crew to guest ratio, no detail is too small and no request goes unheeded when planning a SeaDream charter.

With an emphasis on outdoor living, friends and families can take advantage of a fleet of water toys including wave runners, kayaks, water skis and wake boards. The only Thai-certified spa at sea, SeaDream’s Spa includes treatments in the private, open-air massage area. Lounging on deck in the yacht’s signature Balinese Dream Beds is the perfect place for couples to take in ocean views during the day, or star-gaze at night with full turn-down service upon request.

Culinary excellence is just another facet that makes a SeaDream charter so memorable. Guests can join the chef for a trip to the local market, sourcing only the freshest, indigenous ingredients for their dishes. For a special toast, the Dining Salon accommodates all 112 guests to enjoy an unforgettable meal together. Dining al fresco is also an option and highly encouraged. Menus tailored specifically to each charter, combined with anticipatory service make epicurean experiences aboard SeaDream ones to remember. Contact your travel professional or SeaDream for information on booking groups and charters.

Guest Lecturer sailing aboard SeaDream II from Mumbai to Athens, April 2014

April 7, 2014 by adannunzio

Guest Lecturer

Guest Lecturer sailing aboard SeaDream II from Mumbai to Athens, April 24 2014


Dr. Michael Fopp has had a long and distinguished career in major museums.  He has been the keeper of the Battle of Britain Museum, director of the London Transport Museum, and director general of the Royal Air Force Museum.  After 22 years as the director general of the Royal Air Force Museum, Michael retired in 2010 to undertake a year as Master of the Guild of Air Pilots, a Livery Company of the City of London.

Michael is an aviation and social historian specializing in the 20th century.  He is a light aircraft pilot with commercial and instrument licences and currently chairs two aviation charities concerned with flying scholarships and aviation safety.  He has also been an expert witness in aviation safety.  Michael has flown many different aircraft from antique and vintage machines to very modern, high performance aircraft – one of which he built himself.

Michael recently delivered the prestigious Cobham Lecture at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London which was repeated in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia.  This was on his specialist subject – the Battle of Britain; Michael is the son of one of the pilots who fought in that battle. Earlier this year, Michael also delivered the annual Probert Lecture at the RAF Club about the history of the Royal Air Force Museum and his years as its Director General.

Michael was previously president of the International Association of Transport & Communications Museums for ten years and chairman of the Museums’ Documentation Association for a similar period.

Lecture Titles:

London Transport at War: 1938-1945
Join Dr. Michael Fopp for a fascinating look at the role of London’s transport company during the Second World War.  London Transport not only ran the buses and trains of London throughout the Second World War, but they also carried out many other interesting and exciting tasks.  Illustrated with photos and film from the famous London Transport archive, this story demonstrates how the men, women, and children of London reacted to the first persistent assault from the air in history.

“Got Any Gum Chum?” – The Social and Cultural Impact of the American GI on Britain During the Second World War
After two years of blackout, rationing, and deprivation, the arrival of American forces in Britain in 1942 had a huge impact on the cultural and social life of the British people, particularly those who lived close to American bases dotted all over the country.  Musical and culinary tastes changed, segregation of black and white was questioned, and attitudes about many things altered – on both sides.  This was a fascinating and life-changing time for all concerned.  Its impact on British life continues today.

The Flight of the Mew Gull – London to Cape Town 1939
In February 1939 Alex Henshaw flew a tiny aircraft from Gravesend to Cape Town and back in a record time of four days 10 hours and 16 minutes.  This record stood for 70 years and was only broken by a more modern machine with equipment and facilities unheard of in 1939.  The story of Alex Henshaw himself and his record breaking flight to Cape Town is one of excitement, heroism, and wonder.  The endurance and capabilities of the man and machine were – sadly – overshadowed by the imminent World War, but the achievements of Henshaw himself would continue.  This talk concentrates on the man and his flying career, prior to the Cape Town flight and after as the Chief Production Test Pilot of the famous Spitfire.  Dr. Michael Fopp was the director general of the Royal Air Force Museums, a personal friend of Alex, and incorporates video and personal memories of their time together in this talk.

Aerial “Policing” in the Middle East Between the World Wars
Following the end of World War I and the creation of the League of Nations, the victors were given “mandates” to help underdeveloped people cope with the “strenuous conditions of the modern world.”  Much of this territory was previously part of the then-defunct Ottoman Empire and a large swathe of the Middle East came under British and French control.  The British already controlled huge areas of the Gulf, Egypt, and East Africa and it now fell to them to control warring tribesmen in Mesopotamia (Iraq) and Palestine.  Britain was bankrupt following WWI and the costs of this responsibility were not offset by any income derived from the areas themselves.  This is the story of how the world’s first independent air force, which had only been formed in 1918, used air power in the role of “policing” this lawless area.  The story is fascinating because of the primitive but effective methods chosen and the implementation of what was, in those days, a totally new form of military power.

The Arab Israeli War 1948
The foundation of the State of Israel in 1948 led to a series of conflicts with her surrounding neighbors which exist to this day.  The early creation of the new state and its acquisition of a defensive air force is a story of smuggling and gambling, heroism and bravery, comedy and tragedy.  The result was one of the most powerful and sophisticated air forces in the world today.  This story encompasses the first conflict which occurred between Israel and her Arab neighbors in 1948 and the repercussions to the present day and sheds some light on the capabilities, equipment, and characters of the Israeli Air Defence Force.

The Suez Crisis 1956
The Suez Crisis was a diplomatic and military confrontation in late 1956 between Egypt on one side, and Britain, France, and Israel on the other, with the United States, the Soviet Union, and the United Nations playing major roles in forcing Britain, France and Israel to withdraw.  The attack followed the President of Egypt’s (Gamal Abdel Nasser) decision of 26 July 1956 to nationalize the Suez Canal, after the withdrawal of an offer by Britain and the United States to fund the building of the Aswan Dam, which was in response to Egypt’s new ties with the Soviet Union and recognizing the People’s Republic of China during the height of tensions between China and Taiwan.  The aims of the attack were primarily to regain Western control of the canal and to remove Nasser from power, and the crisis highlighted the danger that Arab nationalism posed to Western access to Middle East oil.

Underground London – The Secret Subterranean City
Take a look at subterranean London through the eyes of a transport and military historian.  What is hidden behind those anonymous doorways in passages in the “Tube”?  How did we carry secret messages across London during the Blitz?  Was Parliament really connected to Downing Street by an underground walkway?  This story tells the fantastic and, sometimes, unbelievable story of how London has been undermined by countless tunnels, passageways, and tubes to allow secret tasks to be carried out safely in times of war and peace.  From World War II, through the Cold War and up to the present time, these hidden secrets are revealed.  A visit to London will never be the same again!

SeaDream’s Wine Director pops the cork on 2014 Wine Voyages

March 27, 2014 by adannunzio


- Four niche voyages offered in September and October 2014 -

SeaDream Yacht Club announces four niche Wine Voyages, including a special Wine Education Voyage, taking place from September 20 through November 8, 2014. These experiences add to the two mega-yachts’ innovative culinary and beverage program, which features the first and only full raw cuisine menu onboard as well as showcasing local delicacies from ports of call. SeaDream most recently introduced a new Scandinavian menu for summer 2014 Northern Europe voyages that features reindeer, moose and fish caught from local fisherman daily.

“The cuisine onboard SeaDream Yacht Club continues to receive rave reviews from past guests as our culinary team incorporates local ingredients of the ports we visit as only possible sailing with 112 guests,” shares SeaDream Yacht Club President Bob Lepisto. “Our new Wine Voyages build on this tradition by pairing legendary vineyards with expert instructors and winemakers to truly develop a one-of-a-kind experience at sea.”

SeaDream I and II will sail the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines on three Wine Voyages, visiting the most exclusive harbors in Italy, Spain and Portugal’s renowned wine country. Each voyage will offer heightened experiences for beginners and veteran oenophiles with itineraries that have been expertly developed by SeaDream’s Wine Director, Erica Landin, one of Sweden’s most internationally recognized wine writers.

Activities onboard the voyages include visits to high-quality vineyards in the world’s most exclusive wine destinations; informal and formal tastings of local varietals; wine master classes and a special Winemaker’s Dinner, in which a local grower or winery owner shares treasures from their own cellars. The exceptional Wine Education Voyage will take place during a 12-day transatlantic crossing from Lisbon to San Juan. This voyage will commence with a visit to Portugal’s oldest table-wine winery. The itinerary includes in-depth lectures, tastings and discussions with experts and special guest winemaker, Dorli Muhr.

Click here to view the Wine Voyage Brochure

Below is a listing of SeaDream’s Fall 2014 Wine Voyage itineraries:

Seven-day Rome to Athens Wine Voyage, departing September 20, 2014 aboard SeaDream I – including an overnight in Capri, and visiting Taormina in Sicily and the Greek isle destinations of Fiskardo, Itsa and Hydra.

Seven-day Monte Carlo to Rome Wine Voyage, departing September 27, 2014 aboard SeaDream II – visiting St. Tropez, Calvi and Bastia in France, and docking in Italy’s Cinque Terre, Elba and Porto Santo Stefano harbors.

10-day Barcelona to Lisbon Wine Voyage, departing October 18, 2014 aboard SeaDream II – including two overnights in Malaga and Seville, Spain. This voyage visits Ibiza, Valencia, Cartagena and Cadiz in Spain, as well as Tangier (Morocco) and Portimao (Portugal).

12-day Lisbon to San Juan Wine Education Voyage, departing October 28, 2014 aboard SeaDream II – commences with winery tour in Lisbon and includes an afternoon visit to the Madeira Islands before embarking on a transatlantic crossing that features an incredible schedule of wine tasting