Popular SeaDreamers to tie the Knot

Fatima and Doramas

Popular SeaDreamers to tie the knot


LOVE is in the air! Two of SeaDream I’s favorite crew members are getting married in the Philippines Saturday, June 14.

Waiter Doramas Calderin and stewardess Fatima Perez will tie the knot at the Lord’s Transfiguration Parish Church in Pampanga province on the island of Luzon in the north of the country.

Their’s was a fairytale romance pursued when their times off duty on SeaDream I coincided and they managed to get ashore in some of the scores of dream destinations in the Mediterranean and Caribbean on the SeaDream Yacht Club itineraries.

Doramas joined the vessel seven years ago after studying at university before joining the hospitality industry at the Sharaton Salobre Golf Resort near Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. Fatima had joined SeaDream I a year earlier.

And befitting their storybook romance, he proposed last year when the couple had lunch together at the Ile de France Hotel overlooking one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, on the Bay of Flamands in St Barts.

They have no current plans for a life away from the sea. Maybe when babies come along … As Doramas explains:

“We just love SeaDream I. Without it we would never have met!”

SeaDreamers who wish to send their congratulations can email Doramas and Fatima at the Grand Palazzo Hotel where the happy couple will be holding their reception. (grandpalazzoroyale@yahoo.com).

(Malcolm Andrews is an Australian author and journalist who has been a SeaDream devotee since the first of several voyages, in 2006)