San Juan, Puerto Rico – Pre & Post Voyage Attractions

SDII San Juan at night

Many of SeaDream’s Caribbean voyages begin and/or conclude in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is the largest capital in the Caribbean and the airport (SJU) is one of the busiest in the Caribbean.

While San Juan’s cruise port welcomes some 5 million visitors each year, there is much to see and do beyond the port.  Nightlife, casinos and charming Old San Juan with its colorful colonial architecture are not far from parrots, frogs and lush wildlife.

If you are near the port, take time to explore La Fortaleza and San Juan National Historic Site. The UNESCO World Heritage site is a series of defensive structures built between the 15th and 19th centuries to protect city.

San Juan Cathedral is one of Old San Juan’s 400 restored Spanish colonial buildings. Built in 1540 , Ponce de Leon is entombed here.

A 45-minute drive outside the city of San Juan is El Yunque National Forest. Take a hike through the lush flora and take a swim in the pools fed by waterfalls.

2014 & 2015 Caribbean voyages that begin and/or conclude in San Juan, Puerto Rico:

25-JAN-2014    SDI 11405    Charlotte Amalie    San Juan   
08-FEB-2014    SDI 11407    San Juan    Marigot   
22-FEB-2014    SDI 11409    Marigot    San Juan   
19-APR-2014    SDI 11417    San Juan    San Juan   
26-APR-2014    SDI 11418    San Juan    London   
28-OCT-2014    SDII 21438    Lisbon    San Juan   
09-NOV-2014    SDII 21439    San Juan    Charlotte Amalie   
15-NOV-2014    SDII 21440    Charlotte Amalie    San Juan   
22-NOV-2014    SDI 11441    Bridgetown    San Juan   
29-NOV-2014    SDI 11442    San Juan    Charlotte Amalie   
30-NOV-2014    SDII 21442    San Juan    Charlotte Amalie   
13-DEC-2014    SDII 21444    Charlotte Amalie    San Juan   
13-DEC-2014    SDI 11444    Charlotte Amalie    San Juan   
20-DEC-2014    SDII 21445    San Juan    Marigot   
03-JAN-2015    SDI 11502    San Juan    San Juan   
10-JAN-2015    SDI 11503    San Juan    Charlotte Amalie   
24-JAN-2015    SDI 11505    Charlotte Amalie    San Juan   
31-JAN-2015    SDI 11506    San Juan    Charlotte Amalie   
31-JAN-2015    SDII 21506    Charlotte Amalie    San Juan   
07-FEB-2015    SDI 11507    Charlotte Amalie    San Juan   
07-FEB-2015    SDII 21507    San Juan    Charlotte Amalie   
14-FEB-2015    SDI 11508    San Juan    Bridgetown   
21-FEB-2015    SDII 21509    Charlotte Amalie    San Juan   
28-FEB-2015    SDI 11510    Bridgetown    San Juan   
07-MAR-2015    SDI 11511    San Juan    San Juan   
14-MAR-2015    SDI 11512    San Juan    Charlotte Amalie   
14-MAR-2015    SDII 21512    Marigot    San Juan   
21-MAR-2015    SDI 11513    Charlotte Amalie    San Juan   
21-MAR-2015    SDII 21513    San Juan    Charlotte Amalie   
28-MAR-2015    SDI 11514    San Juan    Charlotte Amalie   
28-MAR-2015    SDII 21514    Charlotte Amalie    San Juan   
04-APR-2015    SDI 11515    Charlotte Amalie    San Juan   
04-APR-2015    SDII 21515    San Juan    Bridgetown   
11-APR-2015    SDI 11516    San Juan    San Juan   
18-APR-2015    SDI 11517    San Juan    Malaga