SeaDream Introduces new Japanese Dinner Menu

SeaDream Japanese Menu
SeaDream Japanese Menu

As SeaDream excitedly anticipates her first voyages in Asia, the Corporate Executive Chef, Sudesh Kishore decided the time was right to introduce a new Japanese dinner menu.

Once during each voyage, SeaDream I & II now offer a complete Japanese dinner served in the Dining Salon. The Chef says “with Japanese cuisine everything is designed to appeal to the senses; the flavors, textures, colors and the composition and presentation on the plate.” Given the special ingredients and preparation required, the Hotel Manager and Maître d’ will advise guests to reserve this special menu in advance.

This special dining experience begins when guests are seated at their beautiful Japanese inspired place settings. Tableware features elegant black sushi and sake sets. The Japanese menu offerings may include Sashimi, Beef Tataki, Duck Breast in Rice Paper, Tofu & Crab Soup and Homemade Green Tea Ice Cream.

The waters around Japan’s archipelago are brimming with sea life. It’s not surprising that seafood dominates Japanese cuisine. Tofu, made by pressing curdled soy milk in a process similar to making cheese, is another popular ingredient. It’s high in protein and an excellent meat substitute. Perhaps your SeaDream voyage will introduce you to a new dish, if not a new cuisine!

An old Japanese proverb suggests primacy of preparation: Eat it raw before all else, then grill it, and boil it last of all.

SeaDream Japanese Dinner
Itadakimasu = enjoy your meal!