Transatlantic Voyages Beckon Solo Travelers

Transatlantic Voyages Beckon Solo Travelers

Indeed, SeaDream Yacht Club is well suited for couples. As you flip through the glossy brochure or navigate the alluring website, you’ll see images of couples (not singles, not teens, not children) enjoying all that SeaDream has to offer. Well let’s face it, an intimate, luxurious yacht with a staff of 95 pampering you as you sail, let’s say, the Amalfi Coast of Italy;  well that is pretty darn romantic.

SeaDream’s fares are based on staterooms being double occupancy, therefore a single occupant normally pays a supplement of 200%. But, the solo traveler is always welcome and made to feel at home, as if part of the SeaDream family from the moment they board. One should not deny themselves the privilege of sailing on SeaDream just because they are solo. The atmosphere onboard fosters new friendships to be made within the group of no more than  112 international, like-minded travelers.

SeaDream’s transatlantic voyages have become a bit more popular for solo travelers partly because the single supplement is lower than normal; 125% for Yacht Club staterooms (for Commodore, Admiral and Owners Suite, a 200% single supplement rate applies). Transatlantic voyages rarely sell out, so often you have more crew than guests…it’s pampering magnified!

Solo travelers may wish to consider these upcoming transatlantic voyages which are priced at a great value:

Malaga to Barbados – Voyage Number 11438 From: Oct 25, 2014   To: Nov 06, 2014 Duration 12 days: SeaDream I

Lisbon to San Juan – Voyage Number 21438 From: Oct 28, 2014   To: Nov 09, 2014 Duration 12 days: SeaDream II

San Juan to Malaga – Voyage Number 11517 From: Apr 18, 2015   To: May 01, 2015 Duration 13 days: SeaDream I

Barbados to Malaga – Voyage Number 21517 From: Apr 19, 2015   To: May 01, 2015 Duration 12 days: SeaDream II The Dining Salon Team.