Sudesh Kishore

President, SEADREAM Yacht Club India / Corporate Chef, M/Y SEADREAM I & M/Y SEADREAM II

Sudesh Kishore is one of the original members of SEADREAM Yacht Club and a new generation of modern chefs who has been making waves—certainly apt in this case—in the art of gastronomy. Much like an alchemist striving to fashion gold from baser metals, Sudesh as Corporate Chef, is always seeking the gold and is happily achieving it.

SEADREAM Yacht Club has been given the highest acclaim for its cuisine year after year. In 2003 the American magazine, Gourmet, one of the most respected food journals anywhere, cited SeaDream for the excellence of its dining pleasures. From 2004 to 2012 Berlitz Guide to Ocean Cruising and Cruise Ships found the SeaDream twins I and II, to be “utterly exclusive” and proclaimed the cuisine the best of any passenger vessels in the world. Then Conde Nast Traveler, another influential publication, put SeaDream on its Readers’ Poll Gold List in 2004, 2007 and again in 2011, 2012 and 2013 rated the food higher than any other small passenger vessel in the world.

When SEADREAM Yacht club got underway in September 2001, Sudesh joined the new company as sous chef and he was off and running—or rather, off and sailing. Along the way, Sudesh evolved his own particular style and philosophy of cooking. “I felt that as an Indian I could bring the fabulous spices and techniques of Asia to my cooking but I didn’t want to be type-cast as an Indian chef. I was fascinated equally by the cuisines of many other parts of the world,” he says, “and I wanted to offer many of the world’s classic cuisines and present them in their own classic manner. But at the same time I was fascinated by cross cultural nuances in cooking and it is these nuances that I have developed into what I have termed Confluence Cuisine.”

Sudesh asks us to consider several strong metaphoric culinary rivers. “There is the river of classic French cuisine, Italian cuisine and other rivers of unique cuisines from Spain, Portugal, China, India, South Asia and of course, America. I envision a confluence of these many rivers and today with SeaDream it is my pleasure to offer my Confluence Cuisine. Such a confluence can occur in a single dish or presentation such as in my grilled rock lobster topped with a sweet chili and coconut sauce—a confluence of American-styled grilled lobster with an Asian perspective. “On the other hand,” Sudesh continues, “We offer the epitome of healthy living food in the form of Raw Food which has made us the only vessel afloat with such innovative options.”

Yes, Sudesh Kishore is a fortunate chef; the world is his oyster so to speak. He is also fortunate in another sense; he is married to a successful Indian woman Harinder, whom he met in Hotel Management School and also gets to spend his quality time off with their only son Saarth in Gurgaon, India. To top it all, Sudesh was awarded the ‘Manager of the Year 2011’ for his outstanding achievements and in March 2012, he has been made responsible for introducing SEADREAM yachting in India. We call that an intriguing confluence.