SeaDream Yacht Club’s Awards Honors & Accolades

The best endorsement for any product is a happy and satisfied customer. Certainly, this is true when measuring the success of travel products. Since its founding in September 2001, SeaDream Yacht Club has accumulated a wide variety of awards, honors and accolades from authoritative travel industry publications, various organizations and associations and unsolicited comments from guests. Here are some recent honors that add luster to SeaDream Yacht Club. Fielding’s Guide to Luxury Cruises 2008—SeaDream Yacht Club’s twin mega yacht cruisers, SeaDream I and II were honored by this well-respected guidebook as the Best Small Ships in the World in the publication’s 2008 edition. SeaDream has been included in Fielding’s top ten passenger vessels since 2004 when the cruise ship guide was first published. Berlitz Ocean Cruising and Cruise Ships 2008—SeaDream I and II topped the new Berlitz guidebook’s Five Star Club winning out over a field of 13 contenders. The Berlitz Complete Guide to Ocean Cruising and Cruise Ships is the highly-regarded, independent cruise industry bible. Once again the SeaDream twins, which have received this honor each year following SeaDream Yacht Club’s formation in the fall of 2001, were deemed by author Douglas Ward to once again be in an “Exclusive” category he states to be above luxury. There are only three vessels in the “Exclusive” category—SeaDream I and II and Europa, a cruise ship, operated primarily for the German speaking market. Berlitz Ocean Cruising and Cruise Ships 2009—In the 2009 edition of this authoritative guidebook SeaDream Yacht Club’s twin mega-yacht cruisers, SeaDream I and II, topped the “Five Stars Club” winning over a field of 20 contenders. Berlitz rated the top three seagoing passenger ships in the world SeaDream I and II and a vessel called Europa that operates primarily for the German speaking market which scored marginally higher due to a rating it received for the guide’s Entertainment category. Yachtlike SeaDream does not offer the usual elaborate entertainment package believing its guests capable of—and prefer to— entertain themselves. SeaDream has been so honored by this publication in each new yearly edition since it began service in 2001. Travel + Leisure Magazine—With a skyrocketing reputation for excellence far beyond its tiny size, SeaDream Yacht Club was honored with the World’s Best Award for Top Small-Ship Cruise Line in Travel + Leisure’s 2007 Readers’ Poll. This news was announced in the July 2007 issue of the publication. Travel + Leisure is considered by travel industry observers as a leading voice in worldwide travel. Travel + Leisure Magazine—In March of 2007 Travel + Leisure bestowed yet another singular honor on SeaDream Yacht Club. In an article based on its influential a Readers’ Poll, it named SeaDream one of the World’s Best Values. The magazine said “And once again, the results show that value is about more than price—it’s about making every dollar count.” Travel + Leisure Magazine—Earlier, for three years in a row—2004, 2005 and 2006—SeaDream Yacht Club dominated this magazine’s World’s Best Awards as “Top Cruise Line for Service.” In the November 2004 issue of the magazine it named SeaDream to its list of Best Small Cruise Lines for the first time. In 2004, among the six categories on which readers rated all cruise lines on a 100 point scale, SeaDream was number one in three of them—Service (98.39), Food (95.16) and Value (89.52). Condé Nast Traveler Magazine Readers’ Poll—This authoritative travel publication named SeaDream Yacht Club the “World’s Best Small Passenger Shipping Line” for 2006. Additionally SeaDream scored higher than any other passenger shipping operation—large or small—in the publication’s Readers’ Poll—and was the only one rated in the top 100 “World’s Best Travel Experiences.” In earlier Condé Nast Traveler Magazine Readers’ Polls—2004 and 2005— SeaDream Yacht Club received a perfect score for service was listed one of the “World’s Top Travel Experiences.” Condé Nast Traveler Magazine Gold List—In addition to SeaDream’s success in this publication’s Readers’ Poll, it also achieved high honors by being listed in its annual Gold List, a compendium of the World’s Best, Hotels, Resorts, Airlines and Cruise Lines. SeaDream has been on this list since 2004 when it scored a perfect 100, higher than any other passenger steamship company in the categories for Food and Service. The latest Gold List listed 12 cruise lines, of which SeaDream Yacht Club was the top scorer. Virtuoso Ltd.—At a luxury travel networking session of more than 2,700 top industry consultants and suppliers sponsored by Virtuoso, Ltd., SeaDream Yacht club was named Best small Ship Cruise Line (fewer than 500 passengers) by member agents of this premiere travel consortium. The week-long event was held in July, 2007. Cruise Magazine—This leading UK travel publication named SeaDream I World’s Best Small Cruise Vessel for 2006. Capital—This influential magazine, the top business and financial publication is Germany, honored SeaDream Yacht Club in its winter 2007 issue by naming SeaDream I and II the top small cruise ships in the world. Although the publication’s staff annually rates the world’s best hotels and restaurants, this is the first time it has rated seagoing holidays. The award stated “…Exquisite yachting ambience…Guests feel as though they are aboard their own private yacht.” Kreuzfahrt Guide—SeaDream Yacht Club was named “Best Cruise Line for Service” by the authoritative German guidebook, Kreuzfahrt Guide. The award was presented at the 2008 ITB travel fair held each year in Berlin. Seven Seas Society—The Hamburg, Germany Seven Seas Society, whose membership is devoted to cruising and cruise ships, named SeaDream Yacht Club the World’s Best Cruise Line for 2008. Cruise Critic—A leading resource for cruise ship reviews and news, this independent, on-line guide selected SeaDream Yacht Club for a top award in its 2008 Cruise Critic Editors’ Picks. SeaDream was honored for “Best Luxury Service.” There have been many other awards, honors and accolades since SeaDream Yacht Club commenced operations in 2001. These have come from such publications and organizations as: CruiseReport.Com, Carlson Marketing Group, Hideaways International, Porthole Magazine and Travel Agent Magazine.
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