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Lovers of nature will find their paradise on the island of La Palma, also known as "La Isla Bonita" (the beautiful island). La Palma is wild, rugged and dramatic, made up of steep mountains and clad in dense, sub-tropical vegetation. It is also delightfully untouched by tourism and the small town of Santa Cruz, the capital, is famous for its elaborate wooden Canarian balconies and vibrant facades. One of the most popular sites is the UNESCO Biosphere reserve of Los Tilos, where a vast primeval forest towers above acid green tree ferns, while ribbons of waterfalls cascade hundreds of feet over volcanic cliffs. The island is also home to working banana plantations, volcanic craters and a thriving cottage industry of cigar rolling and pottery making. And try some star gazing...the clear, limped skies led to the International Scientific Community choosing the island as the site for one of the most important Astrophysics Observatories in the Northern hemisphere.

Port: Saba

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