Traces of The Viking Age

The area around the city of Stavanger is recognized as the heart of what became the Norwegian Viking kingdom. It was here that the first kings of a unified Norway lived after Harald Haarfagre (the Fairhaired) in 872 defeated the last of the regional princes and united 29 small kingdoms under one crown. You will start your land adventure by driving through the center towards the outskirts, passing fertile land on the way to Ullandhaug where we visit reconstructed farmhouses from the Iron Age. In one of the low houses with turf roof you learn more about the living conditions around the year 500 A.D. A local guide will demonstrate how they made flour, wove their clothes etc. From Ullandhaug viewpoint close by you can observe the fertile farmland of JU¦ren with the Ryfylke mountains as a backdrop. To the West we have a magnificent view over Hafrsfjord, where the Harald Haarfagre's victorious naval battle was fought. You then drive on to MU¸llebukta (Mill bay) a popular bathing resort. Here stands the monument "Swords in rock" which was raised to commemorate the unification under King Harald. It consists of three Viking swords more than 9 m high forced into the ground. The monument was by the Norwegian sculptor Fritz RU¸ed. During the land adventure you also pass over bridges to some of the islands, which are today part of modern Stavanger. You will see the different types of homes and get an impression of the living conditions nowadays. You then pass some of the other city highlights before arriving back at the pier and your SeaDream yacht.

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Port: Stavanger

Duration: 3 hours

Price: To be advised.

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