Glaciers and Glacier Center

Norway has a long tradition in glacier and polar scientific research. In our industrial world where pollution is an increasing problem this research is of great importance. The aim is also to obtain better knowledge of the nature surrounding us. Most Norwegians are keen nature lovers, and living in pact with nature is an important part of the culture. Surrounded by steep mountainsides and numerous tiny waterfalls, the Fjærlandsfjord, a narrow branch of the mighty Sognefjord, stretches some 25 km to the north. This little community with its neighbor Mundal, where former American vice-president Walter Mondale's forefathers came from, lies at the foot of a branch of the mighty Jostedalsbreen Glacier, mainland Europe's largest, and this is where the Norwegian Glacier Centre has been built. Shortly after the coaches leave the landing stage you will arrive at the Glacier Centre where the general idea is to give information about glaciers and their activity. A film will show you most of the 24 glacier tongues that descend from the Jostedalsbreen glacier as well as skiing activities on the glacier. A walk through the center will give you the opportunity to make your own small experiments with real glacier ice and a glacier model has been constructed to give you the feeling of being under the glacier in simulated ice caves and crevasses. After this visit you proceed to the end of the valley where there is a good view to the Boya Glacier, an arm of the Jostedalsglacier that stretches down the steep mountainside towards the valley below. A short coffee stop is made at the attractive Baevasshytta where you can sit and watch the scenery through panoramic windows before continuing to a viewing point for another glacier-arm the Supphelle Glacier, also "hanging" up on the mountainside.

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Port: Fjaerland, Sognefjord

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 169

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