Nordic Walking - Hanko and Seaside

Experience the unique nature and maritime atmosphere of Hanko by a guided Nordic Walking Adventure. Hanko is known as one of Finland's sunniest towns and is a meeting point for tourists thanks to the long sandy beaches, enticing sailors and swimmers. You will be equipped with Nordic walking poles which give you a totally new way of exercising while you are walking. Hanko established a railway connection with Helsinki in 1874 and quickly become a spa center for wealthy Finns and Russians who came for recreation and the bracing sea air. The beautiful old wooden villas in the Spa Park were built around the Hanko Spa the turn of the 20th century. The villas, designed by well-known architects, represent a decorative wooden architecture. Many of the spa guests stayed in Hanko for the whole summer and were accommodated in the villas. Some of the buildings still serve as guest houses and restaurants. The spa building itself was damaged during the war and was pulled down but the Casino remains in the Spa park. You will visit a seaside cafe called The House of the Four Winds which is situated on an island about 3 km from the city center. Walking to the restaurant you use the shore path which curves past several of the beautiful old villas situated by the beach boulevard. The House of the Four Winds was at one time owned by the Finnish hero, Marshal Mannerheim, who was the commander of the Finnish Army in World War II and the wars against Russia in the 1940's. During Prohibition (1919-1932), when the cafe was called Cafe Africa, so-called "hard tea" was served there. Marshal Mannerheim found the noisy antics disturbing, so he bought the cafe in 1927. At the cafe we enjoy coffee / tea and Mannerheim's Strawberry cake. From the cafe you will have transportation back into town making a final stop in the main harbor area where you will have time to visit the small shops and restaurants as well as a quick visit to the water tower (by elevator) to see the 360 view of the town.

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Port: Hanko

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 79

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