Hardanger Nature and Traditions

When Norwegians hear the name Hardanger, they associate it with beautiful nature, fruit orchards, national costumes and the Hardanger Fiddle. This SeaDream Land Adventure will offer an introduction to the area and the traditions. The road from Jondal to little village of Utne is ultra-scenic and is now part of the National Tourist Road project in Norway. For most of the way it follows the shore of the Hardangerfjord through a green landscape bordered by the fjord and the mountains. Hardanger is one of the orchards of Norway. The mild climate and the long days during summer, surprising at latitude of 60 degrees north (almost that of Anchorage, Alaska), is favorable for growing tasty fruit and berries. In the Utne village you will visit The Hardanger Open Air Folk Museum. Culture and traditions are still strong in Hardanger and at the Museum one can see exhibitions of the Hardanger Fiddle, which looks like a violin; it is richly decorated and its special echoing overtone comes from the four or five sympathetic strings running underneath the regular stings. There are also exhibitions of the Hardanger National Costume, The special Hardanger Embroidery and buildings from the district which have been moved here. Continue to the charming little Utne Hotel which has welcomed guests since 1722, with its old traditions and interior for refreshments, before returning to Jondal via the same road.

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Port: Jondal, Hardangerfjord

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 229

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