Yachting Land Adventure

Grasse - On The Perfume Trail

If you have ever dreamed of the day you would find your own personal fragrance, the one which will distinguish you from all the others, your day has arrived! Leave the shores of the Mediterranean in Cannes through the French countryside and arrive in Grasse, the foothills of the Maritime Alps. Grasse, the birthplace of the French perfume industry where the great houses were born in the 18th and 19th centuries, still enjoy international reputation. The oldest of these, Galimard Perfumery, was established in 1747. The Count de Galimard created the first pomades and perfumes for the court of King Louis XV. Galimard's Studio des Fragrances has been developed to reveal the secret of perfume making which has until recently always been closed to the public. Inspired by the professional process of brand name perfume creators, it is the most sophisticated publicly available perfume creation system in the world. It has been featured by CNN, the Discovery Channel, the Learning Channel, National Geographic Channel and numerous international television stations. The system's uniqueness makes it a trend setter for the personalization and customization of fragrances in the perfume and beauty industry. Create at your own pace, as you discover and travel through the base, heart and top notes of your personal fragrance. During your journey, you will learn about how a perfume is created and the classifications of the various families of scents and their components. Choose from over 127 essences such as Rose of May, Patchouli, Wild Lavender, Sandalwood......The Master Perfumeur or "Nose" will guide you through your natural creative instincts during this unique experience. Your creation will be presented in a perfume bottle with the name you have chosen for it. Your unique fragrance will be preserved in the factory's database and may be re-ordered upon request. Bath foam and moisturizing body cream in your fragrance can also be purchased. Upon leaving you will be presented with a diploma of Eleve Parfumeur. This exclusive workshop is followed by a guided tour of Galimard's perfume museum and factory which depicts the age old process of perfume creation that has been handed down from generation to generation before returning to your yacht anchored at Cannes.

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Port: Cannes

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 159 USD