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Gaudi's Barcelona - Architectural Revolution

The symbol of Barcelona must surely be the incredible Sagrada Familia basilica designed by the local revolutionary architect, Antoni Gaudi. Our "Barcelona Highlights" tour gives only a photo-stop view of some of Gaudi's works. This tour will visit the interiors of both the Sagrada Familia and the Guell Park, Gaudi's greatest works. Gaudi is probably the most famous modernist architect in the world. Born in 1852, he was an attentive observer of nature and felt attracted to its forms and geometry. Our tour will start with a viewing of two of Gaudi's buildings, the Casa Mila and the Casa Batllo which have both been declared World Heritage sites by UNESCO. We will then pay a visit to Guell Park, the dream of the business man Eusebi Guell and his revolutionary architect, Gaudi. Their plan was to transform a large rocky estate in the north part of the city into a residential area, based on the English model of city-gardens. Despite the wild appearance of the park, everything in it was planned: the access, the market, the main square, the drainage, the reveries, the roads and paths, the staircases, the benches etc. The start of the First World War meant the failure of this project as a real-estate venture. The Sagrada Familia basilica is probably one of the world's most unique structures. We will visit the interior nave. Prepare yourself to be impressed with the sheer scale of this structure. Still uncompleted, work began in 1882 under the direction of Francesco de Paula Villar, who intended to give the work a Neo-Gothic style, in fashion at that time. However, the differences between the architect and the municipality led him to give up the project and was replaced a year later by Gaudi. The temple has 3 facades, one for the Birth which was built in 1891, the second one is the Passion with the Door of Faith and the third one (not yet built) will evoke the Glory of Good. When completed to Gaudi's design, the masterpiece will have 18 towers more than 100 meters high. The group of architects that is now working on the project (which is still a private foundation) dream of finishing the work by 2026, the 100th anniversary of Gaudi's death.

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Port: Barcelona

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 119 USD