Paros Panorama

You board your air-conditioned coach for a drive to the beautiful picturesque fishing village of Naoussa which is located in a huge bay on the northern part of Paros, 10 kilometres east from the capital, Parikia. Naoussa is considered to be one of the prettiest villages in the Cyclades and, despite the development of tourism, this lovely village has managed to keep its authenticity, its character and its charm, with its whitewashed and flowered little houses and its tiny whitewashed churches and chapels, surrounded by labyrinth-like narrow, stone-paved streets. To continue your land adventure, you will board your coach and while having a panoramic overview of the island on the way, you will proceed to the traditional village of Lefkes, a beautiful village built in an amphitheatrical style, up the main mountain with wonderful vistas all around. The town hall is especially nice being built with the famous Marble of Paros. Your next stop will be Parikia town, the capital of the island where you will visit the famous Church of Ekatontapyliani (Our lady of a Hundred Doors). This church is the holy place of Paros and is linked to the history and myths of Byzantium. Tradition and history state that the church began life in the reign of Constantine the Great (280 - 337 A.D.) or Justinian (527 - 565). After its restoration in 1959, this church, the brightest jewel in the crown of Orthodoxy in the Aegean, became the third most important Christian building in Greece, after the Panayia Akheiropoietos and St. Demetrios in Thessaloniki.

Notes: Casual dressing and comfortable walking shoes. A minimum participation is required to operate all Yachting Land Adventures and some have limited capacity. All adventures and prices in the SeaDream Yachting Land Adventures program are subject to change. Not all of the land adventures shown will be offered on all voyages and departure times are subject to change. Final pricing and departures times will be published onboard.

Port: Parikia, Paros

Duration: 3.5 hours

Price: 89

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