Embarkation information Dubrovnik, Croatia

The yacht is scheduled to dock at Pier # 9, Gruz Harbor in Dubrovnik.
Port Agent Information:
Elite Shipping
Vukovarska 17
20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia
Tel: (+385) 20 358816
Fax: (+385) 20 313530
Email: shipping@elite.hr
Distance: Airport to Port Dubrovnik Airport to Cruz Harbor distance is 13 miles or 20 km.

Notes: Embarkation Information
We regret that in order to perform the necessary maintenance, the yacht cannot accept guests prior to the scheduled 2 pm embarkation time. Travel Documents All guests must be in possession of a valid passport, necessary visas and health documents as required by all countries visited. These travel documents are the responsibility of the individual guest.

Port: Dubrovnik

Duration: The duration is not specified.

Price: We are sorry, but we do not yet have the price for this program.

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