Port Information - Coconut Grove

Nevis is one of our favorite islands and we encourage you to explore Nevis beyond the beaches to make the most of your visit! We offer several excellent and varied options for you to do so and still leave you with plenty of time on your own for the beach. Less commercial and laidback than its large neighbor St. Kitts, Nevis, at first glimpse, offers a stunning approach with dramatic views of the potentially active volcanic Nevis Peak (3,232 feet/985 meters). Your SeaDream zodiac will bring you directly onto the Coconut Grover beach; about 10 minutes drive from Charlestown. The small capital of Charlestown does not offer too many sightseeing or shopping opportunities though the house where American statesman Alexander Hamilton was born can easily be found along the waterfront (now the Museum of Nevis History). To enjoy Nevis to its full potential, we recommend that you divide your day into " Morning, lunch/afternoon and evening activities. Morning - Start your day with EXPLORING the island, above or under water, on one of our fun optional adventures described below. They are all enjoyable & exciting and, you will also help the local population earn a living. Unfortunately, the local economy has been suffering since hurricane Omar struck the island in October of 2008. The damage caused by the storm forced the closure of the islands main employer and main source for tourists " the Four Seasons Resort. Midday & afternoon - Your SeaDream yacht will anchor off this lovely beach with beautiful views over to St. Kitts while the SeaDream zodiacs will provide a continuous service between the yacht and the beach (wet landings). In addition to the beach that is very inviting for long beach walks, there is also a small pool with a wooden deck and picnic style tables with benches. There are also restrooms, lounge chairs, SeaDream beach towels and volleyball net. Some umbrellas provide shade and additional seating is provided around the pool and inside the impressive Balinese style main house. We suggest that you dress for the beach and bring protection from the sun. Don't forget to visit the small gift shop so bring some cash and/or credit cards. Your SeaDream staff will provide you with a SeaDream catered beach BBQ and, of course, a complimentary SeaDream bar service. We hope you will enjoy this SeaDream afternoon on the beach. Evening - For a romantic sunset with cocktails and a snack or dinner, we like to take the short drive to see Gillian, the owner of the charming Bananas Restaurant, offering lovely views surrounded by lush tropical gardens. Of course there is also Sunshine's Beach Bar & Grill, home of the famous "Killer Bee" Caribbean rum drink. We hope that the above recommendations allow you to plan YOUR special day on Nevis. Now, all you have to do is to decide which of the optional morning activities to join.

Port: Coconut Grove, Nevis

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