Yachting Land Adventure

Opatija Area - Thru 1,000 Years

Upon disembarkation, a pleasant walk with your guide will introduce you to the charms of the town of Opatija, the "Croatian Monte Carlo". The town is surrounded by beautiful woods of bay laurel and the indented and rocky coast is bordered by a shady promenade, the Lungomare. The town's modern history began in the mid-1800's when it became a fashionable destination for the Austrian imperial family and Austrian nobility and many luxury hotels, villas and beautiful parks were built, attracting tourists from Europe and world for more than 160 years. On your walk, you will visit attractive parks along the Lungomare and will also pass the Villa Angiolina and the Convent of St. Jacob. After the walking adventure of Opatija, your land adventure continues by motor coach to the ancient hilltop village of Moscenice. At an altitude of 600 feet above sea level, the town is located on the site of the historical settlement of the Illyrian tribe Liburnia, and is typically built as a concentrically conceived settlement with outer walls consisting of houses whose outside walls function as walls of the fortress. In such an enclosed environment, space is precious and all houses are built close to one another, separated by narrow streets and sometimes linked by covered passages. Much of the medieval structure is still visible. Besides the old St. Andrew church, places of interest are the local ethnographic museum and an old olive extraction mill. The village was first mentioned as an independent community with its own statute in 1374. Moscenice reveals breathtaking views over the entire Kvarner Bay. Enjoy spectacular views while tasting local cheese, hams and sipping glass of very nice wine!

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Port: Opatija

Duration: 3.15 hours

Price: 129 USD