Lumbarda Village Private Family Visit & Korcula Town

The walking exploration of this magnificent town starts directly from the yacht as it will be docked only about 50 meters from one of the town gates. In the event the yacht is at anchor, the adventure will start from the tender landing stage. The Old Town of Korcula is a masterwork of architecture and urban planning where everything is built according to a plan. The layout of the town streets is like a fishbone in order to take advantage of the different winds to clear the air something like a natural air conditioning system. Your walk will include visits to the Cathedral of St. Mark which is probably the best proof of the artistry of Korcula's famous stone masons and the islands excellent stone which has been used in buildings all over the world. A visit to the Bishop's Palace reveals the hidden treasures of the town (sketches and drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Tiepolo and many others). The City museum contains exhibits from ancient Greek and Roman times as well as objects about the islands shipping history. Finally a visit will be made to the charming Church of All Saints which contains an impressive collection of Byzantine Icons. The town of Korcula is also known as the birthplace of Marco Polo who's alleged birth house can be seen from the outside. The village of Lumbarda is situated approximately 15 minutes scenic drive from the town of Korcula. Your destination today will be a private family visit at Lumbarda. Upon arrival your host and hostess will meet you at the entrance of their home and invite you to enter. The hostess will be producing sweet liqueurs, herb brandy, goat cheese and smoked ham. Around the house there is a charming garden with many Mediterranean fruit and vegetable plants. Another particular attraction are the domestic animals such as a donkey, goats, etc. You will be served local wine, cheese, salted fish (another specialty of the house). While the guests are strolling through the house tasting cheese & wine, the hostess will prepare dough for making local pasta called - MAKARUNI (sound familiar?) and invite guests to help her making it and to sample it.

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Port: Korcula

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 139

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