Sevastopol Harbors and Military History

You start with a short walk to the Grafskaya Quay and board your local boat for an adventure along the harbors of Sevastopol to see the Navy battleships before the visit to the brand new museum of Sevastopol. 'Heroic Sevastopol' - is the name of the first thematic exhibition of the Ukraine's Naval Museum that was recently opened on the north side of Sevastopol within the premises of a unique historical building - the Mikhailovsky coastal casemated battery which was erected in 1843-1845. The joint project of Ukraine's National Military History Museum and Sheremetiev's Museum, the outstanding exhibition offers an unprecedented range of historical events and displays an impressive number of original exhibits. Once you set your foot in the Museum, you can't help plunging into the atmosphere of bygone days. The Mikhailovsky battery served as a defensive stronghold during the Crimean war and survived the stormy and tempestuous times of revolutions, civil wars and Sevastopol's second defense. It feels like the very walls in the Museum could start talking to tell you tragic and heroic tales of the Past. The Museum halls comprise former artillery casemates built under the reign of Nikolas I and lately carefully restored. One casemate boasts the powerful garrison gun the so called two-stone 'unicorn' on a high gun carriage with a rotating frame, thoroughly reproduced according to the drawings of the 19th century. Precisely the same gun was placed on this very spot 160 years ago. The replicated heating furnaces of the mid-19th century are situated alongside the whole suite. Sevastopol's heroic history dating from the City foundation up to now is splendidly mirrored in original lithographs and photos, paintings, arms and weapons, uniforms, awards, documents and many other exhibits presented in 23 halls of the Museum. A set of installations reproduces historical events that took place in the battery within the 19th and 20th centuries, whereas audio and video clips serve to enhance the impression. Visiting the 'Heroic Sevastopol' exhibition helps us see, feel and grasp more than 200 years of Sevastopol heroic military history. After the Mikhailovsky Battery visit have a boat ride back to Grafskaya Quay to come back to your SeaDream Yacht.

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Port: Sevastopol

Duration: 2.45 hours

Price: 79

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