Trabzon Highlights

During this land adventure, you will have chance to visit the famous St. Sophia Mosque and Ataturk's House as well as view the famous green mountains of the Black Sea. St. Sophia Church serves as a museum today and was constructed at the time of a former King of the Trabzon Empire, Manuel Comnenos I. The bell tower to the west side of the church was dated back to 1427 by the British traveler and researcher G Finlay. Continue to Ataturk Pavilion, named after the founder of modern Turkey who used this Pavilion on his Trabzon visits. The Pavilion was constructed as a summer residence by Konstantin Kabayanidis in the early 19th century and lies on the ridge of Soguksu which overlooks Trabzon. The building reflects the influence of European and West Renaissance architecture with pine trees surrounding the gardens. The Fatih Mosque is a mosque in the Ortahisar district in Trabzon, Turkey. It was originally built in Byzantine times as the Panagia Chrysokephalos Church. It also displays the most beautiful samples of the Ottoman writing arts. It was probably first built as a basilica and as the catholicon of a monastery. Is is said that the church was built on the remains of a temple of the Roman period in the 10th century and restored in the 12th, 13th, 14th centuries.[1] The building was used as a metropolitan church in the period of the Empire of Trabzon. The main plan is the shape of a Greek cross. The church became a mosque after the Ottoman conquest and first prayer was attended by Mehmet II, who adjoined a madrasah (Fatih Madrasa) to the building. Zagnos Bridge (Zağnos Köprü) is one of the most valuable historical buildings in Trabzon. Traces dating from the Roman and Byzantine periods can be observed on the piers but historical sources mention the earlier existence of a wooden drawbridge. Zağnos Mehmet Pasha (a vizier during the reign of Sultan Mehmet Fatih – the Conqueror) had major repair works carried out in the l5 th century and completed in 1467, giving to the bridge the shape that can be seen today. On the last stop of the tour at Boztepe Hill, you will have a Samovar offering (typical tea ceremony of Black Sea Region). Boztepe Hill is one of the highest points of the city and has wonderful view.

Notes: Guests must be able to walk approximately 0.5 miles in total over uneven and cobblestone surfaces, inclines and several steps. The order of the adventure may vary between coaches and/or groups in order to avoid congestion at the venues.

Port: Trabzon

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 109

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