Helen of Troy, a Visit to UNESCO listed Mycenae

With the excellent Athens based guides and transport, you are quickly spirited along the very good roads on a scenic drive through Náfplion and past the ancient sites of Tiryns and Argos. Soon you will reach the world-famous and UNESCO listed archaeological site of Mycenae having gained your first historic introduction from the commentaries of your guide. Mycenae is the palace of Agamemnon, the leader of the Greek forces that went off to fight the famous war at Troy, where Paris, the Trojan Prince, had taken beautiful Helen, wife of Agamemnon’s brother, Menelaus, king of Sparta. The classic epic, composed by Homer, was the subject of the film “Troy” starring Mr. Brad Pitt in the role of Achilles. The German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann in 1876, who was obsessed with finding the grave of King Agamemnon, carried out the first in-depth excavations. Mr. Schliemann also, in 1874, discovered the site of Troy in Asia Minor. Not bad for a German amateur archaeologist who made his fortune in the grocery trade! His diligent work exposed the famous Lions Gate, the entrance to the city, which contains the shaft burial graves of some ancient nobles. A short distance away is the Beehive Tomb, so called due to its unusual shape. In only 25 days Mr. Schliemann discovered a huge collection of jewelry vases and precious items, including the often-photographed Gold Mask, all, which are now important exhibits in the Athens Museum; if you pass through Athens on your trip, don’t miss to visit the museum. At the conclusion of your visit to Mycenae, return to enjoy the village of Náfplion on your own, or head back to the yacht.

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Port: Nafplion

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 99

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