Yachting Land Adventure

Lagos, Sagres & Cape St. Vincent

This SeaDream Land Adventure will combine the sights of Lagos with a trip to Europe’s most south westerly point! Begin your sightseeing adventure with a guided walking overview of Lagos. Enjoy some free time to wander along its quaint, narrow streets at your own pace. Lagos retains the atmosphere of its great cosmopolitan heritage in its wealth of architecture and monuments. Continue with a 45 minute drive to the small town of Sagres. Although debated, some consider Sagres to have been the headquarters of Prince Henry the Navigator’s, School of Navigation. The school may have been within the 17th-century fortress, which was defended from the shore by mighty ramparts and from the sea by towering cliffs. Prince Henry is also reputed to have created a shipbuilding yard in the small natural harbor below. Visit the fortress and the old Hermitage, which dates back to the 7th century. Here, you will view a giant pebble wind compass, known as the Rosa dos Ventos, before continuing your journey west to Cape St. Vincent. So named after the martyred St. Vincent, the cape is the site of numerous naval battles, such as that between Admiral Rodney and the Spanish in 1780 and Admiral Jervis and Admiral Nelson against the Spanish fleet in 1797. As you stand on Europe’s most south western point, admire a steadfast lighthouse whose guiding beam safely directs hundreds of ships passing the Cape every year. Having experienced the best of the Algarve, you will return with your fellow SeaDreamers to the yacht docked in Portimão.

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Port: Portimao, Algarve

Duration: 4.5 hours

Price: 149 USD

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