Constanza Highlights & Wine

More than 2500 years have passed since on the place of today's Constanta there was a settlement founded by the Greek navigators and merchants who have come from Millet. In their voyages on sea, the Greek navigators have been attired by the shelter offered by the bay and peninsula from the Black See shore, as well as by the good trade opportunities offered by the natives, Getaes. The most flourishing period of this city fortress, named Tomis, is the middle of the 1st century A.C. Roman domination on the territories between Istros (Danube) and the Black Sea, which became Roman province, raised the city at the rank of capital. In this time many temples were built, big buildings, public squares and baths, marble shops, streets and new districts. However, the flourishing fortress is devastated by the Avars in 601. Some centuries after, on the ruin of Tomis, starts to develop a little anglers settlement, which, gradually, in the following centuries became Constanta. Vestiges of the old civilizations is found today almost everywhere in the city.Your SEADREAM Land Adventure starts at the Casino, a beautiful art nouveau building on a cliff directly over the Sea, with a beautiful view over the harbor of Constanta. The Port of Constanta is the main Romanian port and the largest port in the Black Sea. The next stop will be at the Orthodox Cathedral, St. Peter and Paul, where you will be introduced to the world of the Orthodoxy. From here the coaches are waiting to take you to the Ethnographical Museum with your locally licensed guides. Here, among others, you can admire the painted icons and traditional costumes of the Dobrodja region. Some 16,000 exhibits from all ethnographic regions of Romania are on display here. Folk costumes, jewelry, interiors of traditional peasant homes and household items illustrate the traditional way of life in various parts of the country. On the ground floor, a valuable collection of icons painted on glass date from the 18th and 19th centuries. Folkloraic arts, gifts and crafts are available at the museum boutique. From the museum you drive out of Constanta heading south, along the vineyards of the Dobrudja. Blessed with one of the most suitable natural settings, The Murfatlar vineyard is situated in the southeastern part of Romania, between the Danube Delta and the Black Sea, in the centre of the Dobrudja plateau. The vineyard stretches across a surface of more than 2600 hectares, covering several villages around. After a half an hour drive you arrive at the wine cellar, you will taste 5 of the most popular wines of the region, while enjoying Romanian folkloric music. After your tasting and entertainment you will proceed with your fellow guests back to the port and your yacht.

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Port: Constanta

Duration: 4.5 hours

Price: 89

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