Exploring the Danube Delta

Leaving Constanta with your fellow guests and heading to Tulcea, the Gates to the Danube Delta. During the 2 hrs ride, you can admire the landscape of the region Dobrudgea and find out about its tumultuous history. You drive through the fields of the Dobrudgea region, which was used for centuries as an exile place because of its rough climate. This part of the country, with large fields, is strongly used for agriculture, thus you can see acres of vineyards, miles of cornfields, sunflowers, wheat, etc... You drive through many villages along the way having a glimpse on the way the peasants live on the Romanian countryside. After the arrival in Tulcea, you will embark on the local river boat taking you into the Danube Delta. The Danube Delta is the youngest land in Europe (it grows larger by 40m of land every year), being the second largest delta in Europe (Volga is the first) and the 23rd in the world. It is one of the largest and most compact reed areas in the world (240,000 ha), a place with the richest ornithological fauna in the world (over 250 species), a combination of natural and man-made ecosystems and ecotones, i.e. fresh water, sea water, terrestrial ecotones, running and stagnant waters, marshes, easily flooded zones, river levees, maritime levees, reclamation zones for agriculture, pisciculture, forestry etc.. In the Danube Delta there are islands of old forests with subtropical species of vegetation rare for this part of the world placed between 45 degrees latitude north and 29 degrees longitude east, at half-distance between the Equator and the North Pole. The trip in the Danube – Delta begins from the middle arm of the Delta, the Sulina Canal, over the Mile 36. The reason of this trip is to get to know the Paradise and Natural surroundings of the Old Danube. Along small canals, you can admire the wildness and the unique fauna of the Delta. Near the Nebunu Lake (Crazy Lake), which is known in Romania as a reservation of pelicans, during the breeding-period, you can see hundreds of pelicans, which are flying right around our local boats. In this Paradise of Nature, you can also see a large variety of other bird species, like heron, swan, and wild duck. While admiring the nature, we have lunch on board, typical fish dishes. Further, you’ll sail through the secondary canals of the Old Danube to the canal of the Mile 36. Through the canal of the Mile 36 you the enter Sulina – Main canal, right near Tulcea. The fauna of this water is very rich in fish like carp, plaice, codfish, perch, pike, and sander. After arriving in Tulcea, you get on the busses, which will take you back to Constanta.

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Port: Constanta

Duration: 8.5 hours

Price: 99

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