Yachting Land Adventure

Alotau Highlights

Once the site of deadly and dramatic fighting in World War II, Alotau has a permanent place in history that is much better understood when one stands at this critically strategic Pacific crossroad. Alotau is now a sleepy South Pacific township, which would not be out of place in Michener’s South Pacific. Your Yachting Land Adventure will depart the pier by local bus to show you the highlights of Alotau and the surrounding area. Leaving the pier, you will drive through the town center and then up to the Toptown Lookout, your first stop, to photograph the panoramic view of Milne Bay. From here, you head out of town to the Kainako War Memorial. This memorial commemorates the Battle of Milne Bay, in which a garrison of mainly Australian infantry fought off Japanese forces to retain the airfield and win a battle that was a turning point in WWII. It is considered the first battle in which Japanese land forces were forced to withdraw completely, which boosted Allied morale. You and your fellow SeaDream guests reboard your buses for the short drive to first Boitunum and then Dulia villages. Here you are treated to a traditional sing-sing, a cultural performance involving colorful dress and handmade instruments, including the kundu, an hourglass-shaped hand drum. Returning to Alotau, you stop at the local vegetable and art market. Here you will see an array of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a selection of handmade bilims, the traditional carry bag of the people of PNG. Your final stop is the WWII Monument adjacent to the Alotau International Hotel. Here, there is also a display of art from the Milne Bay Province – pottery, carvings, basketwork, musical instruments – as well as items from other regions, offering your first shopping opportunity in PNG, before returning to your SeaDream Yacht.


Port: Alotau, Milne Bay

Duration: 4 hours hours

Price: 98 USD