San Sebastian & Hondarribia

You and your fellow guests will enjoy two amazing towns on this unique land adventure. You will first start with HONDARRIBIA, A village near the French border. This delightful town is divided into two parts--the upper town is the medieval district where small alleyways contain old houses with carved eaves and wonderful balconies; the lower section is the fishermen's quarter. A brief walking orientation in the Old Town will take you to the historic Parador, once a medieval defense tower and now an atmosphere-laden hotel. Now it is time to explore SAN SEBASTIÁN, The most glamorous city in the Basque Country! Very few cities have earned such lavish titles as San Sebastian. 'The Beautiful', 'Pearl of the Sea' and 'Incomparable'. A visit to this charming Belle Epoque resort built around a crescent-shaped bay will show you why it has been admired by so many for so long. Its attractive beaches and the charming architecture has been attracting visitors from all over the world since the middle of the 19th century. It still maintains all of the splendor from when it was a royal summer destination. Before you get confused, it is a good idea to explain that Donostia is Basque for San Sebastian. Although the Basque language is ancient, Donostia is less so. Sancho el Mayor (called Sancho el Fuerte - Sancho the Strong) founded the city of San Sebastian around 1180 in what is today the Parte Vieja (historical quarter). The city's unique geographical situation, an isthmus joining the city center with Monte Urgull (Mount Urgull), the Bahía de la Concha (Shell Bay) and the outlet of the Río Urumea (Urumea River), made it ideal as a military stronghold with a port. Towards the end of the 19th century, with the royal court of Madrid taking up summer residence in Donostia at the Palacio de Miramar (Miramar Palace), the city became a popular tourist destination and spa resort.

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Port: San Sebastian

Duration: 5 hours

Price: 119

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