Yachting Land Adventure

Visit of Asklepeion & Kos Town

Kos is the island of Hippocrates, father of medicine and composer of the Hippocratic oaths, all doctors swear to even today. Board your coach to visit Asclepeion, which lies approximately 4 kms west of the town of Kos, in a lush area, its buildings, owing to the slope of the site, stand on four different terraces united by a marble staircase. The view from the highest one is stunning. The most important structure is the temple of Asklepios, a Doric peripheral temple erected in the 2nd century B.C., especially dedicated to the God of Health, Asklepios. After your visit to Asklepieion you will proceed to visit two of the most important archaeological findings of the Town of Kos, the Hellenistic Gymnasium with its famous roofed area, "xystos" where the athletes could train even during winter and the Ancient Theatre or "Odeum" built in the 2nd century BC and surviving in a quite good condition. You will then visit the Freedom Square, one of the busiest squares of Kos town, with many alley ways with shops that you can stroll around and browse. You will then proceed on foot to visit the ancient agora at Kos and of course the famous Plane tree of Hippocrates, with a diameter of some 10 meters, fabled to have been planted some 2,400 years ago. According to legend this is where Hippocrates taught his students. The land adventure concludes with a visit to the Castle of the Knights, standing at the northeastern side of Kos harbor, ideally situated to defend Kos and control the straits between Kos and Asia Minor and built by the Knights of St. John. After your visit to the castle you return with your fellow guests to your SeaDream yacht.

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Port: Kos

Duration: 3.5 hours

Price: 79 USD