UNESCO Awarded Valencia with Paella

Few cities are, like Valencia, able to combine so harmoniously remains from remote periods, as far back as 138 B.C., with the most modern, avant-garde buildings to be erected in the new millennium. Valencia equals commerce, culture, cinema, theatre, museums, music and business. It is a city with international services and avant-garde design and one of the most attractive ones in Europe when it comes to fairs and conventions. Your first stop will be to see the New Valencia, where The City of Arts and Sciences is the major leisure centre designed for the diffusion of science and culture. It is made up of unique buildings such as the Hemisféric and the Museu de les Ciencies "Princep Felipe", where a whole range of events are held. Hereafter you will go to the heart of the city, to la Plaza de la Reina, where the historical centre can be discovered, visiting the more relevant monuments and buildings like the Cathedral with the Miguelete Tower that you see next to it, La Lonja declared Heritage of Mankind by UNESCO and the Central Market our modernist market. Enjoy the charms of the streets of the Valencia, squares (such as the "round square") and hidden corners. Walk around the main streets of the commercial city centre where you will have time to shop and taste the “horchata” while enjoying Santa Catalina Square. Rejoin your coach for the 20-minute drive to your lunch venue at “La Pepica.” This lovely beachfront restaurant renowned for its Seafood Paella opened as a beach shack 100 years ago and has since expanded due to its huge popularity. The restaurant is known not only for its excellent food, but for the friendliness of the owners and staff and the outstanding service they provide. Ernest Hemingway was so impressed with the La Pepica, he wrote a charming anecdote of it in his works. Enjoy a traditional Seafood Paella and a glass of wine while taking in the views of the beach. After lunch, learn about one of another surprising areas of Valencia, the Albufera Nature Park. It is home to the largest lake in Spain and one of the most important wetland areas in the Iberian Peninsula. Home to rare species of wading birds and a rich variety of wildlife, its waters have been traditionally worked by fishermen and rice growers, supplying ingredients and inspiration for many of the region’s most succulent dishes.

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Port: Valencia

Duration: 6.5 Hours

Price: 239

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