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Costa Rica

"Pura Vida", This is living!... is used as a greeting or a farewell and it exists in the Costa Rican vernacular for good reason. Costa Rica is full of life! With its dense jungles, active volcanos, exotic wildlife and pristine beaches, Costa Rica is certainly full of life. It can also boast having over 14,000 butterfly species and 1,200 varieties of orchids. The surfing, hiking, rafting, zip lines and deep sea fishing is among the best in the world.

November 9, 2013, SEADREAM I will depart from Bridgetown, Barbados transiting the Panama Canal on its way to the lively shores of Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua. SEADREAM has arranged for Christopher Alfaro, a highly qualified, licensed Expert-Naturalist to sail aboard all Costa Rica voyages. He will be making presentations onboard as well as hosting the Land Adventures. Select from eight specially designed voyages to experience yachting in this region of the world aboard the award-winning SEADREAM I.

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