Jewels of the Tsars - Hermitage Gold & Diamond Treasury

In the Diamond Treasury of the Hermitage, you can see particularly valuable items from the personal property of the Russian Tsars, such as the 46-piece toilet service of Empress Elisabeth made of pure gold or the two magnificent horse blankets and harnesses, one of them adorned with 8,000 brilliants, the other with 16,000 diamonds. You will see further 1,083 brilliants and 2,458 diamonds in the small copy of the Russian power insignia, made in 1900 by Faberge. Empress Elizabeth purchased many fashionable articles from Europe: English watches, toiletry cases, broaches and hair decorations of gem stones. Catherine the Great opened a "diamond treasury" in the Winter Palace. There she kept a great number of medals, watches and chains, snuff-boxes and gold sword hilts. Before the October Revolution there were two famous diamonds in Russia - the Orlov Diamond weighing 194.8 karats mounted into the Catherine's scepter, and the Shah Diamond weighing 88.7 karats presented by the Shah of Iran. They are now on display in the Diamond Fund of Russia. Probably, the most striking object in the Gold Room collection is a horse attire presented to Nicolas I by the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire - Mahmud. The saddle cloth is encrusted with more than 16,000 diamonds. One of the last sections of the Gold Room is a collection of works by Carl Faberge and his goldsmiths. The Treasure Gallery, one of the most interesting collections of the museum, got its name in the 18th century during the reign of Catherine the Great. The main idea of the section, which is called the Diamond Rooms, is to show the development of the jeweler's craft over the course of mankind's many centuries of history from the third millennium B.C. to the start of the 20th century.

This Land Adventure will operate at 14:00 - June 7; 14:30 - July 1; July 9; August 23

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Port: St. Petersburg

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: 169

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