Hike on The Folgefonna Glacier

The short distance from the fjord to the glacier is the reason Jondal is called the village at the foot of the Folgefonna. There are no other places in Norway where you can drive with a bus directly to the glacier less than 15 miles. The transport will bring you to about 4,000 feet above sea level. Here you will meet your Glacier Guide, be equipped with helmets, ropes, harness and ice-axe if it is deemed necessary due to the snow or ice condition - and if the snow is soft the guests will be supplied with snow-shoes. If you have hired extra equipment such as mountain outfit or mountain boots, these will be fitted here. There will also be a safety briefing before you venture off on your guided hike on the glacier. The distance of the hike depend on the wishes and fitness of the guests. If the group is large enough to have more than one guide the group can split into one for the eager hikers, and one for the more leisurely walk. The group will follow the pace of the slowest guests. The route will start at about 4,000 feet and ascend to about 4,600 feet above sea level. There are good views, weather permitting, and during the hike the guide will inform you about nature and culture, and what the glacier can tell us about the climate. If required, you can order sledges for the return. Refreshments and a light snack will are available in the basic ski-cabin.

Notes: Warm garments are required as well as mountain boots, gloves, fleece and a wind and waterproof jacket and wind and waterproof pants are a must even on a summer day, as the weather may change quickly. To dress in layers is recommended. Boots, jacket and pants can be rented, but need to be ordered in advance. A small back-pack is recommended for extra clothing, water etc. Please remember sun-protection even if it is overcast, you can get sun-burned. You can also pre-order Sledges for the return. In early June the glacier is normally covered by snow and you will not see any blue ice. To most people - even on an overcast day - the Norwegian mountains brings adventure and memorable experiences, however, the glacier guides can cancel the tour on a short notice due to weather and snow conditions. In that case they will offer a hike closer to Jondal Village, Please note that this tour is not recommended for people with a heart condition or limited physical ability. Kindly also note that all activity tours like this one always have elements of the danger involved and you will be required to sign a waiver.

Port: Jondal, Hardangerfjord

Duration: 4.5 hours

Price: 499

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