Yachting Land Adventure

Marsala & Wine Tasting

Leave the SeaDream pier and start driving towards the "via del sale" (the salt road) with the famous "Saline" and windmills where a brief photo stop will be made. During the way, you will have the opportunity to have a panoramic view of Mozia Island. Due to its presence near the coast as an important trade city, Mozia was one of the most important Phoenician and Carthaginian settlements in the Mediterranean area. Proceed to Marsala, situated on Cape Boeo; the low coast on which it is situated is the westernmost point of the island. Once you arrive, a brief walking tour will give you the opportunity to know this ancient city, founded by the Phoenicians refugees after the destruction of Mozia by the hand of Dionysius I of Syracuse. Thence different domination followed, as the Romans, the Vandals and the Byzantines. When the city fell to the Muslim they called it Marsa-Allah (Port of Allah). The Normans took Marsala in the 1072 and rebuilt the castle and constructed churches and convents. The town of Marsala is also famous for a dessert wine, that it is named after it. For this reason, your next stop will be made at a local Wine-Farm, the Cantine Florio, where you will have a the opportunity to taste the Sicilian specialities accompanied with different local wines including the Marsala. After brunch and visit, re-board your coach and return towards Trapani. Before driving back to pier another stop will be made at the "Torre di Ligny" one of the most beautiful panoramic points of the city. It is a massive quadrangular-plan tower built in 1671 by Prince di Ligny, from where you will be able to see the Egadi Islands (situated at abt 20 min by ferry boat from Trapani). From the same point, it is possible to see, two little islands, the "Lazzaretto" and "Torre della Colombaia". Afterwards enjoy a nice leisurely drive back to pier and to SeaDream

Notes: Please wear comfortable walking shoes. A minimum participation is required to operate all Yachting Land Adventures and some have limited capacity. This program is booked onboard only so please make your reservations as soon as possible after boarding to avoid disappointment. All adventures and prices in the SeaDream Yachting Land Adventures program are subject to change. Not all of the land adventures shown will be offered on all voyages and departure times are subject to change. Final pricing and departures times will be published onboard.

Port: Trapani, Sicily

Duration: 5 hours

Price: 149 USD

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