Yachting Land Adventure

The Ancient Lindos Acropolis

In ancient times, Lindos was the main center on Rhodes. Homer tells us that it was established by the Dorians in the 12th century BC and that the city was large and powerful enough to send nine ships to the Trojan War. Towering above the village of Lindos is the ancient Acropolis. A 13th century Crusader fortress now crowns the hill, but within its walls lie archaeological sites that date back to the 6th century BC. On your 35-mile drive to Lindos, you will pass villages, vineyards and olive groves while your guide introduces you to the history and culture of the island. On arrival at Lindos you will be escorted through the village of Lindos and up to the ancient Acropolis of Lindos, entering through the castle gates. The climb to the Acropolis is steep but you will be rewarded with impressive views of the village, the sea and the small fishing harbor of Psarto, where legend has it St. Paul landed to bring Christianity to the region. The remnants of the Temple of the Lindian Athena, enclosed within the walls of the castle are said to have been built by the tyrant Cleobulos in the 6th century BC and are remarkably well preserved with colonnades flanking both sides of the temple. On your return to the village, you will have time to explore on your own before boarding the coach for our return to Rhodes Town.

Notes: Guests are requested to wear comfortable shoes and light clothes. Sunglasses, sunscreen and hats are recommended. A minimum participation is required to operate all Yachting Land Adventures and some have limited capacity. All adventures and prices in the SeaDream Yachting Land Adventures program are subject to change. Not all of the land adventures shown will be offered on all voyages and departure times are subject to change. Final pricing and departures times will be published onboard.

Port: Rhodes Town

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 99 USD