Bornholm Art, Nature and The Knights Templar

The picturesque fishing village of Gudhjem on the rugged North coast of Bornholm has attracted many artists, both Danish and foreign. Many of these artists are exhibited at the Bornholm Art Museum, which is your first stop on this Land Adventure by coach of the highlights of the North coast. The Bornholm Art Museum is situated at the top of the Sacred Rocks (Helligdomsklipperne). Many would say that this is one of the most beautiful coastlines in Denmark " and that gives the museum something to live up to. The design of the building connects the indoor with the surrounding landscape and creates the perfect setting for the art, paintings and craftwork. Your next stop is at the Medieval Village which is like stepping 600 years back in time. Houses and farm buildings are reconstructed based on original drawings and a medieval manor house is the centerpiece of the village. Visit the buildings and see how life was back in Medieval Europe. During the visit a show of medieval weapons will be displayed. The Round Churches of Bornholm are unique. The biggest of the four Round Churches in Bornholm, the Oesterlars church, is situated next to the Medieval Center. The churches were built as round towers with a cone shaped wooden roof. Originally they had an open platform, which was used for defensive purposes, so these were fortress churches! Excavations indicate that the Knights Templar were the builders of the round churches. This order of knights created during the Crusades, had a powerful position on this strategic island controlling the entrance to the Baltic. Treasures associated with the Knights Templar have been found on Bornholm. An excavation in 1995 to install heating ducts under the floor of Oesterlars church found ``unusual and unexpected stone features...which might be explained by the presence of an undiscovered crypt". Could this be the hiding place of the Holy Grail? On our way back to the marina, you stop to visit the glass blowers, Pete Hunner and his wife Maibritt Johnsson at Baltic Sea Glass. Their workshop is in a lovely setting right on the coastline. With a base in design and production of functional table top glassware, Johnsson and Hunner also concentrate their energy in creating one-of-a-kind works for gallery and museum exhibitions throughout the world. See how they create the glass, take a look at their shop and enjoy the views of the Baltic Sea while enjoying a glass of champagne served in one of their handmade glasses.

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Port: Bornholm

Duration: 3.5 hours

Price: 199

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