Sumela Monastery

You and your fellow SeaDream guests will visit the great treasures of Trabzon! You will drive with your licensed and knoledgable guide to the Sumela Monastery, well known and respected as a monastic center from the 4th century until 1923. This Greek Orthodox monastery was constructed within a cavern in the middle of a steep slope above dense forests, and lies approximately 25 miles south of Trabzon. This was the most important of the many monasteries built in the area during the Byzantine era and is also the best preserved. The monastery was abandoned in 1923 when the Turkish Republic was created. Refresment will be served at Sumela Restaurant near the river, After your refresment, your coach will head back to the city center. Watch for the many types of plants found along the banks of the river during the drive. After a short panoramic drive you will return to the port and your yacht.

Notes: Expect dense traffic conditions in Trabzon.

Port: Trabzon

Duration: 4.5 hours

Price: 129

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