Icon Restoration

Several of our Club Members (Repeat guests) have visited the beautiful Island and visited the UNESCO awarded sites. We thought it would be nice to have an alternative, so here you go! Take this privately organized land adventure to view the techniques of Icon restoration and how these have developed over the centuries. Visit the Icon studio within St. John Monastery’s walls where you will be informed of the different stages that are taken to preserve them. Once you have familiarized yourself with the procedure you will visit the Church and the Museum to admire the icons collected over the centuries. Continue through a walk in the cobblestone streets of Chora to the Nuns’ Monastery of Zoodochou Pigi to view the icons in their natural surroundings. Following your visit to the nunnery you will enjoy a coffee or refreshment at a local café in Chora before you return to Skala port and the SeaDream pier.

Notes: Proper (modest) dress code is required for the monastery. Gentlemen must be in long trousers and ladies must wear skirts or a dress covering the knee and shoulders should be covered. Sandals or similar open footwear is allowed. Flat, comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended. A minimum participation is required to operate all Yachting Land Adventures and some have limited capacity. All adventures and prices in the SeaDream Yachting Land Adventures program are subject to change. The price is subject to increase based on the rapidly rising exchange rate between the Euro to the US Dollar. Not all of the land adventures shown will be offered on all voyages and departure times are subject to change. Final pricing and departures times will be published onboard.

Port: Patmos

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: 119

Voyages where this land adventure can be found: